UK-based producer Sam Day and American pop singer She Is Jules released their first-ever single collaboration “Inconvenient” on August 19. Known for her vocals on the Timmy Trumpet’s dance-pop remix of “Mad World,” Jules has continued to team up with various producers, no doubt drawn to her uniquely incandescent vocals. The last couple of years have seen an increasing number of singles from this rising star. 

Sam Day is working his way up as well. After his bitbird debut in 2021 with the inclusion in “create together vol. 2”, a single with Meggie York, and an official remix for San Holo’s “bb u ok?,” Sam has returned to bitbird for his latest release “Inconvenient.”

Listen to “Inconvenient” on Spotify

Putting the emphasis on telling a story, “Inconvenient” is about inconveniences in a positive light: “An inconvenience is usually thought about in a negative connotation. But sometimes the most beautiful things are inconvenient if they’re for someone you love,” says Jules.

“Inconvenient” is a true blend of personal styles. The single fuses Sam’s signature melodic sound with Jules’ ethereal songwriting to create a resonant mix of radio pop and UK garage. “I love you and it’s so inconvenient,” Jules sings, breaking into the track’s semi-psychedelic instrumental opening. From here, Jules’ vocals remain at a consistent level, while Sam’s garage drum backtrack builds ever-faster and ever-louder towards a classic bass drop moment. 

She Is Jules, courtesy of Simone Janssen

Sam Day, courtesy of David Prochazka

“Inconvenient” is out now on all platforms. For more from Sam Day, connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,Spotify, SoundCloud. So too for She Is Jules: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud. For more from bitbird, visit their website. As always, happy listening!

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