Ronboy Releases Emotional Debut “Pity to Love”

L.A based alternative artist Ronboy released her debut LP “Pity to Love” on Sep.30. The debut project clocks in at just about forty minutes and contains ten songs. Having previously just released singles, “Pity to Love ” marks Ronboy’s first studio album. 

Ronboy, which is a stage name for Julia Laws, is an alternative pop artist currently based in Los Angeles. Laws was born on Fidalgo Island, which is located off the coast of Washington State. There, she was influenced by the area’s massive DIY scene which has further crossed into her music. Laws mentions the presence of a piano in her childhood home as a catalyst for her to pursue music. 

“My family had a piano at the house for as long as I can remember. I took lessons for one summer, but it was never a required activity. I’d come home from school and sit there for hours, not because I had to, it became a processing technique and something I looked forward to. I went down different paths of what I thought should be my career, but always came back to music.”

Laws recently started to put out music, beginning with her EP Velvet in 2020. This year saw her put out singles such as “Say Too Much” and “Always”, both of which are on her studio album. Laws music is atmospheric and gloomy, similar to an afternoon day that is already dark due to an oncoming thunderstorm. 

Pity to Love deals with the complex emotions that are associated with loving someone. The opener “Always” is presented with quivering vocals and sparse drums. The song discusses the feeling of being used by someone else, the feeling that the person only has you around to help clean up their mistakes and messes. 

“A lot of the album’s concept comes from me grappling with my own mental health. I had a feeling, more than a topic, for the songs and wasn’t sure if they would translate the way I heard them in my head”

Most of the album is filled with these low and quiet tracks. The titular track deals with Ronboy’s struggle to love her partner now, saying she even finds it hard believing that they have a heart thats worthy of pity. “Your Way” is a soft ballad that sees gentle piano. The song deals with the clashing of religions in a relationship, with one way of praying being deemed unacceptable by the other. It is a very interesting song that shows us the many challenges that often come about in a romantic relationship.

As well as singing and writing the material, Ronboy helped to produce it as well. She was helped out with the production for the album by  musicians Samuel Stewart and Sterling Laws.

“I’d have depictions for songs like “this song is a fever dream” or “that song is an anxiety attack.” And we’d run towards that. ‘Pity To Love’ holds a lot of emotion, some over-awareness, and melancholy feelings. Dancing is welcomed.”

There are some more upbeat tracks son the album such as “Forget It”, which is a lot bouncier in tone. “Oceans of Emotion” contains more menacing electronic riffs, as Ronboy discusses the multitudes of feelings they are experiencing. 

The closing songs on the album seem to indicate a relationship on its last legs. “Easy for You” sees Ronboy reflect on how the relationship seems to be in a do or die situation. She reflects about how she is often in tears, wondering if this will be the end of it all. Despite the rocky nature of the situation, she still mourns the end of it. She is also worried that this parting of ways will be easier for her than it will be for her. This is a factor that distresses her.  “Mercy” is a song of wishing the harder times would go by faster, for the pain to wash away. There is more of an acceptance that the relationship has ended here, with the aim now towards healing and recovery.

Ronboy’s debut album sees her graciously invite us into her mental space. It is an intimate and honest portrayal of the emotions she is going through, captivated by highly atmospheric soundscapes. For more of her work, you can visit her website, Instagram or Facebook. You can listen to her music on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube

Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi
Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi

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