Rock 4-Piece Aquageist Drops New EP Titled “Some Kind of Sad.”

The Sacramento-based rock band Aquageist released their sophomore EP Some Kind Of Sad. This release marks the band’s newest release since their two teaser singles ‘BEACH: RELEARNING TO BREATHE’ and ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF FEELING FINE’ both of which are featured on the 6-track extended play.

Opening up the EP is ‘MIDSUMMER: A PHONE CALL AFTER A DREAM’ featuring a concerned voicemail that fades into a slow guitar strum alongside a beautiful acoustic string plucking that creates a dreamlike quality of sound. A dial tone rings, and muffled beneath the musical backing is a voicemail responding to the first one listeners heard in the first. The transition into ‘NEW YEAR’ is sharp, heavy guitar lines and pounding drum line combined with the lyrics that start off the track’s bat “I started this New Year with a heart attack/Something in my head gave way and came unattached.”

The track serves as a contrast to the EP’s opener, where the opener is soft and dreamlike; the EP’s second track is dark and feels like waking up from a dream and realizing the dread that comes along with reality as the pre-chorus and chorus echo the dread and heartbreak the singer experiences as the lyrics say: “I try to take a breath while in my bed/I can’t escape the dread inside/The cycle never ends.” The song’s end transitions out as the singer lets out a head-banging bridge that echoes the EP’s title.

‘RAIN’ comes in with the same intensity as ‘NEW YEAR’ and lyrics that echo a similar theme to the track prior while also being a love song. The song’s lyrics recount going through the same-old cycle of sadness and dread, yet in this track, the singer thanks his lover for sticking by his side even through the rough times: “Your voice calms the storm in my head/I always knew it was you/So let the rain fall down once again/When I’m with you/We’ll get through anything.” The song ends with an acoustic rendition of the song’s chorus before transitioning into the fourth track ‘BEACH: RELEARNING TO BREATHE.’

‘BEACH: RELEARNING TO BREATHE’ sees the singer processing and reflecting on the impact of the relationship as the lyrics go, “I gave you the best parts of me/Now ironically you’ve changed me just how they changed you.” But as the song continues, the lyrics take a turn as the singer lets the song’s target that they are stepping away from this relationship “I’m relearning to breathe/No longer tied to your needs/I’m taking back all that’s me/And healing myself.”

Coming after the cathartic release ‘BEACH: RELEARNING TO BREATHE’ is ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF FEELING FINE’ discusses the need to get out of one’s own thoughts before it “gets too late” as the lyrics read: “I need a vacation from my head/Cause I’m on the other side of feeling fine/Need a little time.”

Bringing the EP out is ‘GOODBYES SHOULDN’T BE “SO LONG”‘ with comes in like the calm after the past songs, which are high-energy and intense. The concluding track has a dreamlike quality over it, similar to the EP’s opening track. The song concludes with a beautiful choral ensemble being joined by an epic collision of guitar riffs and heavy drums.

Make sure to stream Some Kind of Sad, now available on all streaming platforms.

Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;
Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;

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