“RETRO” is the Summer Vibe You Need in Your Life

Photo Credits: Shanti Wernersson

Du är alltid classy alltid samma

Som en discokula flashy de e standard

Sakna när vi dansa när vi ramla ihop

All min tid med dig den skulle samlats

Sett hur du kan move nu ser allihop

Lyrics to “RETRO” – Odin

When evaluating the lyrics to RETRO, one standout conclusion kept coming to mind: I – do – not – understand – Swedish. However, who needs to understand words to a foreign song when you can just dance to Odin’s incredible voice? Full of good vibes that fit perfectly with the summer weather, the artist’s newest pop-funk hybrid, “RETRO,” tries its best to lighten the mood of anyone willing to listen. 

I love making songs that gets you to move and that puts a smile on your face. That is what this song does to me and I hope it brings other people joy and good vibes as well.

Odin on Creating “RETRO”.

Deceivingly intricate, a multitude of instruments provide layers to the single, so much so that each musical device implemented appears to be masked under the other. Particular standouts from RETRO include bombastic drums, delicate glockenspiel, and the hypnotic synths that take over from 2:07 through 2:24 of the song. Nuanced bass played by Jacob Bergren, along with subtle guitar and vocal harmonies, make an appearance and help develop the track into something special.

Photo Credits: Shanti Wernersson

Nonetheless, it is unavoidable to mention the singer-songwriter’s voice when reviewing this tune. Incredibly sweet and authentically himself, Odin gives his all and then some more, reaching any vocal note with effortless ease. Mixed and produced by the musician himself, the addition of double-tracked vocals (along with panning from left to right) complement each other and works wonders for the listening experience.

Comparable to tracks such as “Feels Like Summer“, you don’t want to miss this future hit (which you can find here). For more news, you can always find the latest scoop here at Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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