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Attention party people, indie-pop sensation, Remi Wolf has released her long-awaited debut album Juno through Island Records. Prior to release, Wolf teased her potential with a string of well-received singles and holds a strong EP You’re a Dog! under her belt. “Juno” certainly lives up to the hype as it lets the true eccentricity of Wolf shine. Blessing us with a full 13 tracks, Wolf jams each full with her endearing and offbeat lyricism. The melodies reminisce on a funky Y2K pop aesthetic and still there is something fresh and undoubtedly Gen Z about it. The LA-based singer-songwriter wrote the album in 2020 when the world was under lockdown. Yet, there is an innate liveliness throughout each track as they take you on a journey through the ups and downs of Wolf’s everyday life. Chock-full of the tension and frustration, it is all released with the high-pitched proclamation of raw wit. 

The tracks “Liquor Store” and “Guerrilla,” both released as singles ahead of the album, tackle the weighty struggles of depending on substances to suppress the sometimes too hard to handle emotions. Wolf isn’t afraid to address the qualms of navigating love and growing up, but she makes it easier to swallow with the deflection of goofy humor. The music video for “Liquor Store” has Wolf bopping around in a rainbow full-bodied leotard as she interacts with psychedelic visuals and claymation. The video shows that despite all the struggles, there is still so much fun to be had. 

Wolf stays true to her one-of-a-kind persona with her offbeat lyrics in “Quiet on Set” and “Buttermilk.” Both reflect on childhood and youth like food from Chuck E. Cheese and the sweet tanginess of buttermilk. Only to be layered with the juxtaposition of adulthood with orgies at Five Guys and the milk going sour. That transition from childhood to adulthood is a jarring one but Wolf expresses it with a quirky surrealism that you can’t help but smile and laugh at. 

The curated experience is one of repeated build up and then an exhale of relief. The lows are expressed in the track “Front Tooth,” with life sometimes feeling like, “A Connor McGregor fight/ Kickin’ out my front tooth.” Feel free to check out our review and music video for the song here. While those tracks bring some lows, the highs are once again climbed with “Sexy Villain.” In this track, Wolf was able to create an alter ego who finds empowerment and the fun in always feeling like the bad guy in a relationship. The track is in tune with the zeitgeist of today as its filled with true crime easter eggs and witty jabs. In fact, Wolf has noted that,

 “…it’s, like, such a feel-good-song. And I like listening to it, actually, alone. Like, one of the only songs on the album that I’ll, like, listen to in my house.”

Wolf’s assertive point of view is like a glittering kaleidoscope. Always keeping it bright and never allowing a dull moment. The bopping instrumentation translates the fluorescence of youth as there is always an opportunity to sweat off the anger with some good old dancing. The track “Wyd” has Wolf expressing the “bone I gotta pick” with those who push all their own expectations and opinions on her. Except she, “Doesn’t need their validation,” as Wolf marches to the beat of her own drum, redefining pop and forging her own path to stardom. 

“Street You Live On” slows it down a bit as the last track on the album. It’s still got a groove but paired with the somber feeling of trying to avoid someone you want but know is bad for you. In a way, it’s a liberating ending as Wolf is ridding herself of the venom and entering into a new era and it’s all for her.

This album is a blend of vibrant chaos as we are transported to the inner gears churning in this artist’s brain as she blurts out one eclectic thought after another. Each track expresses the versatility of her talent ranging from stream of conscious rapping to belting strong expressive bars. There is the promise to experience it all live as Wolf announced her North American Tour slated for early 2022. For Wolf, performing live to her Remjobs (the endearing name of her devout fans) is her favorite thing. The transfer of energy between her and the crowd is magnetic and with Juno being a vibing banger, the energy at these shows is sure to be high.

Moral of the story: go listen to Juno on repeat, indefinitely. It’s certainly not a Debbie Downer. The entire funky trip of tracks are accessible below and check out Wolf’s tour dates to see if she’s coming to party in a city near you:

Jessie Carlson Subscriber
Jessie is currently a student at Stephens College getting her MFA in Screen and Tv Writing. Working full time, going to school and managing a small business music is truly the only thing that keeps her sane.
Jessie Carlson Subscriber
Jessie is currently a student at Stephens College getting her MFA in Screen and Tv Writing. Working full time, going to school and managing a small business music is truly the only thing that keeps her sane.

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