Allow us to introduce St. Louis house DJ Lunar Riot! A girl with many eclectic talents, including classical piano and DJ mixing, Lunar Riot can make people dance with jazzy and grime-influenced house music. She’s a small fashionista with a big personality! Enjoy this fun little mix as our third installment of Quarantine Tapes:



First thing’s first: How did you get into DJ-ing?


LR: I studied music composition and theory in college, but I was really into electronic music. A buddy encouraged me to learn how to DJ; they taught me the ropes and how to mix. I can’t really make people dance with piano sonatas, so this is a really cool creative outlet that I enjoy.


Who would you say your main influences are?


LR: Jazz and house, grime and bass, and indie dance. I’m obsessed with Haywire (an electronic music producer and pianist known for fusing elements of classical, jazz and funk). Chris Lake and Will Clark for house music.


I heard you’re working on producing your own music… Can we expect Lunar Riot originals in the near future?


LR: I actually have a bunch of solo piano compositions out, and a few solo electronic sounds on Soundcloud, but nothing on iTunes yet, unless I work with a producer.


Have you worked on any big projects or collaborations in St. Louis previously? Are you working on anything right now besides a solo project?


LR: I work a lot with Blaze Luminous. He lays down beats and adds sounds, then it’s a collaboration from there.


I noticed your setup for the mix. I love the flamingo, haha, would you consider that your mascot, or do you have a spirit animal?


LR: That’s funny, I do like flamingos, but I just bought that randomly to spice up my setup for the video. I would say my spirit animal is a fox.


Oooo sly, smart and strong, I like it. Alright, do you have any big goals for 2020?


LR: With this whole virus I’m just like, woah buddy, haha. Honestly I want to be playing a lot more piano. I love new-age romantic composition. I mix in every key! If a track’s in a minor key, I’ll try to find a track in minor or relative major.


What have been your biggest takeaways from Quarantine thus far?


LR: I’m a super busy person; I always have to be doing something. I get really anxious if I’m not doing anything. I want to live a very fulfilled life. My biggest takeaway is that it’s okay to just sit down or watch TV or have a chill night; I don’t always have to be doing something to be happy. Your body needs rest!


What have you been doing to stay sane? Any new hobbies?


LR: I’m actually a really avid gamer. I play a lot of horror survival games, so I’ve been blowing through games I’ve wanted to play for a while. They’re super scary though, so they don’t really help with my anxiety. I should get a big dog to protect me.


What do you miss most about pre-covid life in St. Louis?


LR: I really miss my community. I miss people being like, “Hey come to my show!” You know you have your people and those people you want to talk about soul food with. There are friends for everything. I was working at Crown Room in St. Louis, so I worked at Ball Park Village as the marketing manager of Budweiser Brewhouse’s sister venue, the Crown Room like for that Dombresky show. I miss being a part of getting something exciting ready for the community.


I like your style. What influences your wardrobe?


LR: I’m a small fashionista with a big personality! I like to stay on trend and find the next cutting-edge thing before everyone else finds it.


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