PVRIS Releases Bombshell Single “LOVE IS A…”

PVRIS has come in hot with the new single “LOVE IS A…” via Hopeless Records. On July 14th, the singer-songwriter will release her new album EVERGREEN, and this single release lets us in on the record’s peak. With its presence and wit, PVRIS notes the song was “inspired by the French phrase ‘la petite mort’ aka the ‘little death.’” She has released four other songs on the album, which are building up clever threads and themes of female rage and evolution. 

Photo Credit: Matty Vogel

“LOVE IS A…” balances sexy with scary, with bouts of an energetic electronic sound and a crawling, anticipatory drum beat. “Your love is a murder, I let you touch me sweet and sore” she pounds. Then, her silkiest vocals sweep through, “In your bed just the way God made me.” The single is a rollercoaster that tells a complete story. The end lands softly, contrasting the push and pull of the rest of the song. It fits, and PVRIS’s mind and voice allow the holistic experience to sink in. The music video provides an apt sense of the song’s emotions. The floral, cyclical visual allows the listener to intimately absorb the tune.

PVRIS has also released “GOOD ENEMY” and “GODDESS” before that, which promote personal power and claiming your worth. “ANYWHERE BUT HERE” and “ANIMAL” show immense growth in PVRIS’s work, incorporating fuzzy rock into her moody pop in “ANIMAL.” “ANYWHERE BUT HERE” leans into the yearning guitar. PVRIS, aka Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, has clearly given all of her creativity and devotion to this project, which comes through in every second of the songs we’ve seen so far. These tracks have received rave reviews from critics as fans anticipate the album.

“[‘GODDESS’ is] a gritty and elastic twirl of impassioned electro-rock ambition”


LOVE IS A… Artwork

EVERGREEN will be PVRIS’s fourth album, co-produced by PVRIS, Mike Shinoda, and JT Daly. She is hitting the road this summer with a tour of both her new and older music. She is joining the Sad Summer Festival, kicking off in Jacksonville, Florida on July 6th, concluding in Irvine, California on July 29th.

Keep up with PVRIS and be sure to check out “LOVE IS A…” below. Pre-save EVERGREEN here.

Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.
Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.

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