Pierce The Veil IS BACK with “The Jaws of Life”

It’s been seven years since Pierce the Veil released their fourth album, Misadventures – Starting off the year strong, fans have been anticipating the release of their latest album, The Jaws of Life, now available on listening platforms. 

Now, with a fifth album, released on Friday, February 10th incorporates softer and delicate instrumentals, funky guitar riffs and more of a kick back and relaxed vibe then a mosh to vibe. The well known pop-punk/alternative sound of the group is heard throughout the whole album while also dipping their toes into other genres and sounds like those of Nirvana and heavy rock. Here is a breakdown of our favorite tracks from the album.

The opening song, “Death of an Executioner”, despite it’s dark title, is one of the more ”punk goes pop” songs on this album with a catchy beat that includes sounds of shakers, tambourines, and hints of the keyboard that add a bit of flare and depth to the song. Vic’s clean but slightly distorted vocals echo throughout the song with depth and emotion.

Now “Pass the Nirvana”, a teaser, pre-album release, , is the heaviest sounding song, more typical of their hard-hitting sound with Vic’s screaming and heavy drum beats. The title and sound is also a big nod to Nirvana and the 90’s grunge era of music with punchy bass lines and unclean, distorted vocals.

The other single we were able to witness prior to the release of the album, , “Emergency Contact”, is one about love , and it takes a deep dive into the worries many of us go through throughout a relationship in the “Will you love me , won’t you love me?” stage  The punk sound that we all know and love about PTV is nostalgic and is perfectly matched with the soft “ohs” and “ahs” vocals in the background.

Scaling back in tempo and energy with the songs “Flawless Execution” and “Resilience” still has that romantic feel like “Emergency Contact” but has a sadder tone with their lyrics. With the slow and swaying sound of “Flawless Execution”, it incorporates fuzzy and echoing guitar work that’s entrancing. The song speaks of the fine line of love and sex that often gets blurred and when you are so deep in love that you forget and almost forgive being used and abused because you are so blinded by that feeling of love.

 “Resilience” opens with a sample from the movie “Dazed and Confused,” leading into a string of somber guitar chords that’s similar to the opening guitar riff from The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two”. Throughout the song it keeps that western film score sound while the lyrics speak to the listener to be ‘resilient’ towards the forces or even people that are pushing you down. This song by far is the most outstanding song on the album when it comes to the band actually stretching into other genres of music that aren’t punk/pop or rock and in lyrics that don’t go into deep philosophy or nonsensical metaphors. 

Overall, “The Jaws of Life”, is an amazing album that’s a breath of nostalgic air while also being different from any of their previous work. Others may see it as too different or possibly too slow comparatively but as someone who grew up listening to them from their first 2007 album to now, I think it’s a beautifully well made album that is indulging for old and new fans alike. 

Abbey Killion Editor
I can pass captcha tests.
Abbey Killion Editor
I can pass captcha tests.

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