“Portals” Have Opened Up and Lead Melanie Martinez to #2 on Billboard 200.

Portals have been spotted popping up across the Billboard 200 as Melanie Martinez makes her way to the Top 10 with her third studio album “Portals,” debuting at number #2. The album has been ranking up accolades across the globe with #1 rankings in Australia and New Zealand, #2 in the UK, and #3 in Canada.

Martinez, an alt-pop icon, shows that while her image might change from album to album, her ability to captivate listeners and viewers alike is something critical to her artistry. Martinez debuted her new era at Lollapalooza Argentina, Lollapalooza Chile, Bogota, Columbia’s Estéreo Picnic, and Lollapalooza Brazil.

“Portals” is Martinez’s highest Top 10 debut at the number 2 position, with her debut and sophomore albums “Cry Baby” and “K-12” debuting at #6 and #3, respectively. As a conclusion to the “Cry Baby” trilogy started by Martinez in 2015, “Portals” gives the next part of Crybaby’s story once again going along with Martinez’s remarkable ability to tell a cohesive and continuous story through music.

Singles from the album include “DEATH” and “VOID” both of which are Martinez’s first original songs to debut on the Hot 100. The singles were not the only thing to make it to the charts as the music video for “DEATH” hit the top of Youtube’s “Top Music Videos” and trended at the no. 1 position. The music video was directed, conceived, and had costume design all done by Martinez, showcasing once again her strengths not only as a singer but as a multifaceted artist.

Live Nation is producing Martinez’s “Portals Tour” which will take her and her new era of Crybaby across 29 cities, including Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and NYC. The tour will begin in Denver, CO, on May 30th, and will go to Canada to wrap up the tour in Montreal on July 15th.

Stay up to date on news about Crybaby’s journey by following Melanie Martinez on their social platforms and purchase tickets here to see when and where to find any local portals that may be opening up.

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Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;
Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;

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