Paris Paloma Shares Mic Drop Moment in New Feminist Anthem, “labour”

Surrey-based singer-songwriter, Paris Paloma, just on Friday, March 24th released her viral new song “labour,” which entered the UK singles chart at #30 and is #8 on Spotify’s Top Songs Debut USA chart, garnering over 1 million streams in less than 24 hours and nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

The wildness within the new track will stir the stillest of souls, and uplift those feeling burdened by the “labour” that’s often left forgotten. This track depicts a story of a woman railing against the inequity of labor within a relationship. Poetic lyrics paint a vivid scene of the story the song holds as the melody itself bathes the listener with a sense of both rage and empowerment in equal amounts. It’s a whisper many women have been holding under their breaths. And nothing shows that further than the song’s viral success thus far. Paris Paloma manages to express a familiar, feminine rage through this folky, dark pop offering. The chorus is a goosebump-inducing protest chant, building to gang vocals which make you feel like taking to the streets. A fantastic play between the wonderfully crafted pop song and underlying themes that work like a battle cry. 

Watch the music video that arrived shortly before the song’s release:

‘labour’ takes us inside a relationship where the speaker’s self-worth is once again reduced, like many people who find themselves in draining relationships with undeserving people. Taking on all the emotional labour – because we accept the love we think we deserve. But it is a breaking point… it is the first time the speaker acknowledges the toxicity of these dynamics, and the song is about the escape from that relationship.

~ Paris Paloma

Stream “labour,” now available on all major listening platforms:

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