Panic! at the Disco Displays Haunting Relationships In Eerie Music Video For ‘Don’t Let The Light Go Out’

Panic! at the Disco’s “Don’t Let The Light Go Out” surpasses the fear of darkness and enters the realm of a depleting relationship. Contrary to the tracks inspiration and cathartic instrumentals, the accompanying music video embellishes in a cinematically disturbing gloom. From their latest release since 2018’s Pray For The Wicked, Viva La Vengeance is juxtaposed amid a transcendent Brendon Urie and “Don’t Let The Light Go Out” is his deepest confessional.

Directed by Brendan Walker and the creative minds of Panic! at the Disco, the tone of the video is set to chaos with a looming flash of shots mimicking the disarray of Urie’s reality. After the thrush there’s a moment of peace along a darkened road– just Brendon, the night, and a frustrating loop of the tracks chorus on the radio. Following the tension of the songs exposition, his surroundings start to pick up and are swiftly mirrored through a bitterly thin guitar.

As Brendon’s tenderly aggressive vocals slow down time, memories clutter throughout the tale end of his car and ahead of his dashboard. “Stare at a wall that’s told a thousand tragedies/Holding a hand that’s loved every part of me/A lady comes and tells me that i’ve got to leave,” is brought to light in a torturing recollection– and matching their sudden reappearance, the memories are stripped away just the same.

“Don’t let the light go out” is a desperate call towards a deflated relationship, where the grip is loosened and pieces are shattered at your feet. Urie’s brilliantly curated lyrics merge the feelings of dread with the last glimmer of light within a dead-end partnership, and much like the bellows, the video contorts and retracts between unanswered questions, beautiful pigments of intimacy, and eventual isolation. Rather than telling the story from beginning to end, Urie nominates the highs with the lows and depicts the unsound with complementary bliss– an intoxicating concoction that evidently rips through the red flags.

Along with the cinematic gift and parcel of resonation, listen to the entire Viva La Vengeance project here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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