Our Top Five Most Anticipated Acts for this Year’s Gov Ball!

With Gov Ball 2022, being the festival’s tenth anniversary, the annual event is back and better than ever! Consisting of a lineup full of headliners such as Kid Cudi, Halsey, and J. Cole, the real hype is really around the smaller yet established artists playing this year. Curated by us at Glasse Factory, here are our top five artists we are excited to see (in no particular order) from the lineup!

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Pushing boundaries with his unique genre-defining brand of experimental hip-hop, JPEGMAFIA will surly captivate the crowd when performing on the Bacardi stage this Friday afternoon. Known for his albums “Veteran” and “All My Heroes Are Cornballs,” his music is as visceral as his lyricism is poignant. With in-your-face themes spanning from dissing Morrissey to today’s critical social issues, the L.A.-based rapper (previously Baltimore) indeed is a vital artist you don’t want to miss at the festival.

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2. Denzel Curry

Having started rapping in the sixth grade and releasing his first album, Nostalgic 64, in 2013, you could say the south-Florida based artist has been on the scene for quite some time. Known for high-energy, thought-provoking freestyles such as “Clout Cobain“, “Sumo“, and the entire record “Zuu“, everything he releases is guaranteed to be epic in proportions. Performing Saturday afternoon at the Bacardi stage, you don’t want to miss what this fantastic rapper has to offer. Fingers crossed Denzel Curry’s cover of Bulls On Parade sneaks in this week. 

Photo Credits: Andrew Link

3. Joji

Having left his Alter-ego Filthy Frank behind in 2017, Japanese-Australian singer-songwriter Joji has gone on to dominate the world with singles such as “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” and “YEAH RIGHT“. Bringing a melancholic edge to his brand of R&B and lo-fi, his themes typically revolve around romance and self-reflection. With a charismatic stage presence and a wide variety of downcast ballads and glossy electro-pop anthems under his belt, the artist’s show Saturday night at the GOPUFF stage will clearly be a memorable experience for all who see it.

Photo Credits: Damien Maloney

4. Surf Curse

The only surf-punk act performing at Governors’ Ball, Surf Curse, also happens to be my most anticipated for the festival. Though buzz about the group has long been around since their debut album Buds in 2013, the group has gained considerable momentum in 2021, with the TikTok staple “Freaks” topping the charts (great song by the way). Evolving over the years, the band has never lost its D.I.Y. spirit, as evident from the records “Nothing Yet” and “Heaven Surrounds You.” Making their appearance at the GOPUFF stage next Sunday afternoon, good times will be had for all who attend.

Photo Credits: Julien Sage

5. 100 Gecs

Moving pop to new extremes with their take on the hyper pop genre, 100 gecs continue to surprise their audience with the sheer absurdity of their music and lyricism. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, the group rose to prominence in 2019 with the release of their album 1000 Gecs. From songs about betting on a “stupid horse” at the races to wishing they were “toothless” to feeling so clean like a “money machine“, everything about them screams new, stupid (in the best kinds of ways) fresh and bold. Setting stage this Sunday night, you can catch the duo performing at the Bacardi stage that afternoon.

Photo Credits: Michelle Groskopf

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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