On Fleur bleu·e’s “Les étoiles,” Stars Are Born

On November 4th, French duo Fleur bleu·e released their debut EP, Star. While I highly recommend the entire EP, the purpose of this review is to focus on the first track, “Les étoiles,” which the group have described as “the focus track” of the debut EP. So we’ll be focused on the primary focus that also happens to be the primary track of the 4-song EP.

Star EP Cover Artwork

While my French is rusty, the vocal melody on this track is exceptional. The lyrics are surely going into some spacey places – the song title translates to “The Stars” and the one line that is repeated in English is “Touch my skin, touch my soul” – but don’t let a language barrier prevent you from listening to this (or any non-English music, really). The production is flawless, and the instrumental is astounding.

Speaking of the instrumental, the guitar is the primary focus of this track, and it sounds like the 21st-century coming of The Smiths. Was Johnny Marr asked to play on this track? Obviously, that’s a joke, I’m just trying to say that the guitar work on this is a perfect hybrid of 21st-century dream pop and the post punk jangle of Johnny Marr’s guitar lines. Excellent stuff in the guitar.

On their musical aim, the band has said “Fleur bleu·e knits a music made of dreams and nightmares that calls our fragility to express itself, beyond the prism of binary gender and oriented towards an atmospheric future. It praises our inner sentient being and the beauty in little imperfections.” A noble goal is off to an exceptional start, and I can’t wait to hear more from Fleur bleu·e in the future.

Check out “Les étoiles” below, and be sure to give Fleur bleu·e a follow! Also check out the entire Star EP if you like what you hear. It’s well worth your time.

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