A mega star is on the rise! Alert! Alert! Out to steal our attention and hearts, Will Hyde comes a blazing with his new EP “Nothing ever changes”. Released recently by Pack Records/ The Orchard last December 10th and playing in all music and video streaming services worldwide. This jaw dropping EP packs a punch with its 7-hit combo, “Nothing ever changes (between us)”, “Boy”, “Our neighbors”, “Fukced up”, “Obsessed”, “Addicted” and “When u need me”. That’s not all though, because bundled with it comes a visual EP that would make music greats like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé roar with delight.

For a sophomore effort, this already has the makings of an instant classic. From its overall sound, lyricism, and accompanying visuals, this “hits the spot” so to speak. It’s imperfect yes, but it relishes in that fact wholeheartedly and runs away with it. If the EP could speak, it with utter the words “Who cares about perfect? This is my story.”. Quite a bold statement, but a necessary one because it allows the audience to see that musician as stan-able as they appear, are humans first and foremost. They too suffer, grow up, laugh, rage, and feel like all of us amid all the fame. 

Image Courtesy of Jade Florence

In Hyde’s case he bears his soul in this EP. He leaves nothing to imagination and shares with us his struggles with mental health which lead to his deteriorating health the last 18 months. Not only that, but this could also be considered as a love letter to himself as he continues to recover physically and mentally. En route to the path toward self-love and accepting oneself for who we really are. This is as raw and emotional as it gets. An artful representation of the saying “I am but human too”. 

As for the songs themselves, they are haunting because of his voice, melody and the lyrics that comes with it. They are descriptive, and at same time expertly worded like “I don’t wanna lie to you and say I’m fine. But if I tell you all my problems, you might hide. I’m scared to move on. Don’t know what I’ll find. But I know I’ll have to try.”. from “Nothing ever changes”. Another would be “Cos when I was younger. I never thought that I would meet this side of me. But now that I’m older. I know all the failures are just the parts that made him me,” from the heartbreaking tune “Boy”. Wordsmithing aside, the lyrics mentioned are snippets themselves of the stages of life he found himself in expressed in poetry form. We are given the that silent nod that as we progress through the EP itself, we are no longer just listening to various tracks, but we are also witnessing his development as a person.

When talking about the film, it is simple yet compelling. Its strength lies in its relatability and its exquisite use of imagery. Some examples would be videos of himself being played on the TV which denotes him reminiscing of times flown by. Without him in the scene whatsoever, he allows us to see through his eyes and vicariously live through him even just for a couple of minutes. Then there’s the part where he dances in his room topless and goes through a montage of working out (pushups), staring at his reflection in the mirror, which then transitions to pointing to a video cam and his phone. Dizzying as it may seem, you can’t help but be taken aback when he says, “Yeah I’m so f***ed up”. At first, one would say that this is absurd but if you pay attention closely this is an assurance that he loves himself no matter what. Rather than run away, he celebrates this stage in his life and is willing to go through knowing the dangers that may stand in his way. But what takes the cake here is the end, where it closes with “NOTHING EVER CHANGES” in all caps. Although in text, this is a scream and a long overdue sigh of acceptance that his life albeit imperfect is one worth fighting for.

Will Hyde’s “NOTHING EVER CHANGES,” is an experience to be had. From the songs to the short film, it is clearly a living proof that this generation of musicians aren’t one to be taken lightly. They are a special group of individuals, forged by time and their unique circumstances. So, we’d better pay attention as early as now because we can learn a thing or two. 

Image Courtesy of Jade Florence

At this early stage in his career, we could already put it to the bank that this boy wonder from down under is destined for greatness even at the tender age of 22. With the likes of triple j, Unearthed,Ones To Watch, Clash, NME, Wonderland, Bello Mag, MTV and artists like Travis Mills, The Masked Mortal, and Korean K-pop super group Stray Kids singing his praises. Backed up by his previous experience as the other half of the wildly popular duo SŸDE and his 2017 journey as the finalist of triple j Unearthed High. He is more than ready to burst out into the scenes and leave an indelible mark in this industry. All systems are go for this Melbourne born artist. 

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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