This past Friday, October 23rd, Nashville rapper Trapperman Dale dropped a new single “Juneteenth” featuring artist Soulja K of Jacksonville, Florida. The track was produced by DJ Logan Garrett, who is a Grind Hard affiliate, like Dale, also based out of Nashville. Coupled with this song’s release on popular streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify is a music video, shot by Deon White of Cocaine White Films, which can be found on the grindhardtv YouTube channel.

The video features mostly shots of Trapperman Dale and Soulja K performing their song while in the presence of some cool looking murals and other paintings. Every time I watch the video it seems like there is another piece of artwork that catches my eye. This was a good setting for a video shoot, which took place in Soulja K’s city of Jacksonville. Something that I found unique was Soulja K posing for video shots behind the window of a food truck as if he were serving. Similarly, Dale appeared in a white t-shirt and white Nike Air Force 1’s to correspond with his opening lyric, “I’ma run it up and get it right in a white T and white Nike’s.” Just like the camera shots, the editing is on point as well, which makes for satisfying and stimulating visuals.

“Juneteenth” is the latest content fans have seen from Trapperman Dale since his album Flight Risk which released earlier this year in May, besides the collaborative single “Trapland” with Tha Landlord. While all speculation, it is possible we will have a new Trapperman Dale project in the near future. The biggest indicator of this is an Instagram post Dale made earlier in the month stating the following:
“1,000 comments An I’m Giving 6 Rings 3 Away”. The picture depicted is what looks like musical artwork, confirmed by the Parental Advisory: Explicit Content tag. Could “Juneteenth” be a teaser for a new unreleased project? Only time will tell. 

If you have not already, go watch the “Juneteenth” music video on the grindhardtv YouTube channel or stream it on any popular platform!

Article by Caleb Putman

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