Navigating the Gloom of Darker Hues in OHKABE’s “Blue Was The Feeling”

OHKABE’s new single, “Blue Was The Feeling,” was released today, May 11th, 2022. The song is a rock and hip-hop influenced track that deals with feelings of being lost in life and navigating where your true place in the world is.

OHKABE is the creation of Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter Kevin Okabe. After traveling the world and discovering his own unique sound that blends elements of blues, rock, jazz and alternative pop, he settled in Toronto to pursue his solo career as an artist. Just recently, after building on his body of work, OHKABE released his self-titled debut EP, and has continued to forge an endless path of musical discovery. 

“I think that everyone feels some degree of doubting their place in the world or where they are at in their lives at some point, but I wanted to write about that in a way that didn’t seem so depressing. You know that ‘stank face’ you make when you hear a really crunchy groove? That’s the feeling I’m trying to elicit in listeners.”

“Blue Was The Feeling” is now available on Spotify.

Overall, the track wastes no time in presenting its charm. “Blue Was The Feeling” starts with the sound of slower alternative rock that we all know and love, and mixes it with OHKABE’s vocal uniqueness. It covers the disorientation of being disconnected from your own words, and the discomfort of living in a period of your life that is seemingly devoid of meaning. The main guitar riff sets the emotion and more, specifically the melancholy feeling of having to do what you must to earn your place in a world that refuses to hold hands. Of course, it can always be said that looking up to the sky could give answers to smaller questions, but its blueness can only do so much before you sink into a hue that is much more dark and dreary.

OHKABE can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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