For the first time as a concert photographer, I was told that I’d only be allowed to shoot the first 15 minutes of the show (as opposed to the standard first three songs). The reason being….Mogwai’s songs are not your three and half minute pop songs for people with short attention spans.

They’re a bold reminder that greatness can require patience and patience can reveal some beautiful things.

If you’re a fan of Mogwai, you clearly already know this and you came ready to hear that simple progression from one instrument evolve into a massive wall of sound as each band member joins in.


As the band started into their second song of the evening at Emo’s in Austin, TX, there were audible sighs from the crowd of aw. They were about to hear a song they obviously connect with on a very deep level.

The Scottish post-rock band is not the type to be running all over the stage and flailing their arms all over the place with some regurgitated rock star moves or pose. This is a “thinkers” band.


It’s refreshing to know that not all bands feel the need to play the game that the music industry loves to try and force on bands, which is to package your song so it will sell. Make it three and a half minutes or less and have a hook that repeats until the listener is borderline brainwashed and tortured with repetition.

No this is Mogwai. A badass band that brings you into their world by playing THEIR music the way they want to play it. They way they want you to hear it.

Isn’t that what all artists should be doing?



Crossing The Road Material

Party in the dark


New Paths to Helicon Part 1

2 rights make 1 wrong

Every Country’s Sun

I’m Jim Morrison, I’m dead.


Mogwai Fear Satan


Hunted by a freak


My Father, My King


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Photos and Review by Hunter Levy


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