From sipping morning coffee to prepping for your night out, Boogietraxx is providing a soundtrack of hip, voguing disco to leave on all day.

I spent last night at a drag spot in Bushwick, listening to interesting DJ experiments of retro classics and world house music. Disco reminiscent dancing and obvious voguing took place well into the night, which made it all the more jarring and exciting to hear first thing after an eight-hour disco nap. This morning while slurping iced coffee, the moment I pressed play on the collaboration song “I Can Luv U,” by Boogietraxx and Disco Daddy, I was sent right back to the dancehall.

DJ and producer Brandon Keeks, aka Boogietraxx, is originally from Staten Island, now making music in Austin, Texas. He aptly describes his musical stylings as “rhythmic renovations of retro funk.” He is part of the collective Conscious Raving, which aims to throw elevated parties that are as curated as they are safe spaces. His tracks offer joy, and a lot of variation on classic styles from jazzy to high tier disco battles.

Boogietraxx brings love to the city of Austin on the collective level.

“I Can Luv U” is his newest single, releasing Feb. 18, 2022, and receives mention out of his other great songs for its layered sound and meticulous mixing. Cascading rounds of synthesizers and electric drums come in waves throughout the track, never too repetitive but – just like the dancehall classics – comprise a formula left open ended for dance. This collaboration piece evokes major funk, and party danceability. There’s power present here and an enthusiasm that can be synonymous with starting off a day with high energy or fuel your hype to perform on stage in the evening.

Keeks makes all his music feel electrifying with French house flair and fabulosity. One singular statement is ringing clearest in the audio, “I can love you.” With safety and consciousness, with the glam and glitter of the night. With the pavement pumping rhythm of personal power. You can feel the love in all things touched by Boogietraxx, so keep your eyes peeled on February 18th for “I Can Luv U”‘s official release. Make sure you tap into the sound and if you’re in Austin support his collective at a show, and all the fabulous work they do for their local community.

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