I stumbled upon this aggressive EP recently and was pretty quickly taken away. After my first listen, I completely got why Omerta decided to call it “Hyperviolence,” because it’s just that.

As a debut release for the Houston, Texas band, the Nu-Metal/Hardcore hybrid style leaves a very good impression on the listener. The music feels as if it has adapted very well to the evolving style of today’s modern styles. 

What tends to show a lot in the music is youthful chaos, such as the energy in the lyrics and tempo of the songs. Songs like Benny Boy and Garbage have certain elements of hardcore Hip-Hop peek through the face-melting breakdowns, with vocals so fast and rhythmic it leaves auctioneers eating the dust of Omerta. 

The title track of the EP somehow gives off an anthemic vibe over drum beats so fast it’s illegal to listen to that song in school zones. The title track provides the listener with a four-minute summary of what the group is capable of and exactly where they stand, also setting the foundation on what to expect on the rest of the uber aggressive compilation of songs. Raw emotion and artistic expression flood this half-record making it impossible not to feel anything while it’s blasting out the biggest speaker you own.

I struggle to find a flaw with the EP as a whole, due to the sheer fact that it had chemistry with me right-off-the-bat. The in-your-face wall of sound Omerta hit me with knocked me down a rabbit hole that had me listen on repeat during my drive home last night; a drive where I often found myself speeding because of the rush that the music blasted me with. The band really put out something unique, something oddly funky albeit being one of the heaviest pieces of new music I’ve heard in a while. 

“Hyperviolence” is the best antidepressant or lift-me-up in my blunt opinion. Truthfully, all Hardcore that has emerged lately seems to rock you out of any lull you may be in, and this EP no exception. The lyrics make you feel, the music makes you rage, and they both get you ready for the future of the band Omerta.    

Final Verdict:

  • 10/10 workout playlist – great for getting pumped and energized
  • 9/10 at unifying hip-hop and metal
  • 5/10 for driving, just because it may get your accelerating foot carried away…
  • 10/10 at being a solid metal EP

The future of hardcore music looks bright, and I highly recommend you give it a listen if you’re into metal and want to see the genre evolve; or even if you’re a straight rap fan looking to expand your heavy music taste. I think it’ll convert you to the dark side of music that is the Hardcore genre.


Be sure to check the out on Apple Music or Spotify or various other services and support them online! @ihateomerta on Instagram/Twitter and on Bandcamp: ihateomerta.bandcamp.com 




Luke Brooks (@luckylukephotos)

-for GlasseFactory.com


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  • Ryan
    3 years ago Reply

    “the music is youthful chaos” – this is the perfect line to describe them. Of course I instantly thought of old Slipknot (but dare I say better?) and being in an angry/depressed mood it really connected with me and gave me that energy that you describe. I just wish there was more!

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