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This week I’ll be showing off the songs in my personal playlist that instantly give me that stink-face look. See below for what that face is.

Usually this face is a good thing; mainly means that something in the song is so nasty you look like it’s unpleasant, but in reality it’s a banger. Usually accompanied with a “d’oh yeah” and a head nod.

A stink-face just doesn’t come from any other genre, which is why I always think of Pantera’s Phil Anselmo and his perfect expression when it comes to hearing some absolute filth. He simply just does it best and really is a metal icon. Seriously, I’ll pay $1 to any person who thinks they can find any rap song that can make a human-being pull the face.

With that being said, here are my personal stink-face inducers.

Early Grave – Architects

By far one of the most energetic tracks on my personal playlist, Architects get really gnarly with Early Grave. It’s one of those songs where you truly appreciate the duo that is Sam Carter’s vocals and the late Tom Searle’s guitar work. At 2:45 in the song, its breakdown city all day, baby. Starting off with a build up from a heavily down-tuned guitar, the rest of the band shoots in and slaps you in your stink-face.

Flying Whales – Gojira

When I was lucky enough to witness Gojira live during the Knotfest Roadshow in 2019, they of course had to play Flying Whales. Good God. When that ending breakdown came from the stage, I could no longer feel the hat that was on my head. I’m pretty sure that’s because the chills I got from hearing this song this hard in a live setting radiated to my head and I went temporarily numb; that combined with the sheer force of the vibrations. This song goes so hard.

Spit Out the Bone – Metallica

Much like a lot of other people, it was great to see our favorite band put out such a hard track with their last album. This track is incredibly thrashy like the good ol’ days (I say that as if I actually grew up in the 80’s) and somehow they actually tossed a breakdown in there. And a darn good one at that. It’s a bit chuggy and it’s very interesting to hear what old timers like ‘tallica can do with a breakdown, I had to include it.

Feel So – Sevendust

What an underrated band. What underrated riffs. These guys know how to get in your face with their riffs, and ‘Feel So’ is the king of them all. Taking a break from breakdowns, I appreciate this song because of the speaker-rapturing nature of the simplistic riff. It’s boppy, it’s heavy, it’s very nu. Also, the nature of this riff is carried throughout the rest of the album, so check that record out to get some hardcore sounds going.

The Impaler – The Acacia Strain

When this article makes its way to Reddit, I don’t want anyone to comment about how they don’t understand the hype of The Acacia Strain. I get it. You’re flat wrong, these guys know how to make you look like you just drove past skunk roadkill. The Impaler is probably their best example of what I mean because it’s just a heavy banger. It’s heavy as hell and the lyricism is truly brutal. See also ‘Carbomb’.

Waterhaul – 36 Crazyfists

This song starts off with a jump scare and I quite enjoy that. All serene and quiet and then wham, stink faced. A slow, sludgy take on a metalcore song, and a clean vocal performance in the bridges creates a masterful contrast between the crunchy slam riff and screams. Underrated band by far.

A New Level – Pantera

How can I talk about stink facing without mentioning Pantera? Phil Anselmo’s expression on his face was a perfect counterpart for the Abbot brother’s musical style. My favorite example is this track, because the main riff has a lurk-y feel to it. You feel empowered and dominating when this song is blasted. A true confidence booster.

Blood Eagle – Periphery

Djent is so darn brutal. A bit chaotic however it is done well. The chorus and riffs in the song really are what make it great and stand out. Don’t listen to this song if you’re tired, may jump start you too roughly.

Hollow King (Sound of the End) – Fit for a King

This song starts out with an interesting take on breakdowns. These guys are local to my area of North Texas, so I may be a ht biased for them. Either way they’re extremely monstrous in their musicianship and will find their place on everyone’s favorite band list for what they can do. Absolute beasts in this song.

FiveNinety – blessthefall

Some post hardcore goodness for you. It’s one of those 2000’s songs that have a poppy and catchy chorus but then body slam you with some dark lyric- filled screaming. I recommend checking this one out.

Forever – Code Orange

A hardcore song with a chugging riff? Hell yeah. A pick scrap too? What? Someone bring me my stink-face. I find myself starting this song over and over because of what that main riff does to me. They way it comes in could not be done better, from the structure of the riff to the placement of the kick drum. It’s finger lickin’ good.

This is by no means a complete list, and there may be more of these lists coming from me in the future. If you’d like to see my personal playlist that I picked these songs from, its linked HERE! This is a playlist of 5400 songs that I’ve loved my whole life and is my go to song library and I’m always adding songs I find and jam to. All rock and metal. (This playlist is not a Glasse Factory playlist, it’s my personal list.) Like it and let me know what you think of it.

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-Luke Brooks \m/

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