Meg Myers Returns with Energetic and Empowering Track, “HTIS” with Special Guests Luna Shadows and Carmen Vandenberg

Meg Myers moved to Los Angeles when she was 19 where she recorded her debut album ‘Sorry’ on Atlantic Records. That album spawned top 15 and top 20 alternative radio hits, “Desire” and “Sorry,” respectively. Meg’s striking and visceral music videos skyrocketed to upwards of 9 million YouTube views, and her Spotify plays rank in the tens of millions. She’s graced the pages of every major publication and has brought her hypnotizing performances to the late night stages. In addition to major tours with the Pixies, Alt-J, My Chemical Romance, and Royal Blood, she has performed at notable festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Governors Ball. Her rise to fame is only at its beginning. As she moves forward towards the release of her forthcoming album via Sumerian Records, Meg feels guided by a radiant clarity of purpose and a newly discovered understanding of her distinct role as an artist.

Kickstarting the next chapter in her music journey, Meg Myers released “HTIS” with an intensely captivating new video. Standing for the main hook of the track as an acronym, “hate that I’m sexual” stands as four words that hide their true nature until listening, and processing along with Meg as she breaks from her internalized cocoon in an electrically charged and newfound confidence throughout this self-empowering track.

And her vocals continue to convey this energy, as it slowly builds in intensity all the way to the chorus, where grit and self-consciousness hit their peak and she breaks free into a new state of confidence and self-acceptance, with features from Luna Shadows and Carmen Vanderberg complimenting harmonies throughout the track.

I’ve been following Meg Myers music for years now – her voice is absolutely powerhouse status, and it was such an honor when when she asked me to sing on her new single, “HTIS” – out now on Sumerian Records. If you are into darker, heavier tracks, this one is for you.

~ Luna Shadows

Watch the music video below:

About the single, Meg was open about its writing journey.

“As a trauma survivor, I spent most of my life disassociated, depressed and disconnected from my body. Although healing has not been an easy journey, it continues to teach me patience, compassion and grace for myself and the world. I wrote this song on psilocybin mushrooms dancing in my living room. My repressed inner child and divine feminine energy exploded with joy as I explored and discovered these hidden parts of my soul that needed to be expressed.

May we all re-discover our true essence of freedom and allow ourselves to fully embrace that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

“HTIS” was inspired by becoming more acquainted with my subconscious mind. It’s about taking off the mask, exposing the insecurities and imperfections and allowing it all to be ok. “HTIS” is an acceptance of my inner child and a re-connection to my sexuality by reclaiming the purity of it for myself.

Writing music is how I process really uncomfortable feelings. It’s one of the ways I do shadow work. It’s a deeply personal, vulnerable and transformative process for me that involves blocking out all the noise and all of the potential opinions, perceptions and projections from others that are bound to come when one is so brutally honest, since we’ve all been so deeply programmed by a very corrupt society to be silent and stay small/stay in our boxes. It’s a place where I am able to dive deep into the abyss of my wounds and emotions until I discover the treasure… the treasure that is acknowledgment of my true feelings, only then I can come up for air. 

Although I love leaving my music open for interpretation of meaning, and that is always available as we are in an endless ever expanding creative universe and there is always more to be explored… I do think it’s important for my fans to know what my intention was when writing this song specifically, because I know these types of subjects can be really confusing and triggering for a lot of people.

When I say I’ve been hiding that I’m sexual, what I am saying is that I have been hiding from MYSELF and hiding my true essence, which is that of spirit. I have been denying my uniqueness, my playful innocence, my sensuality and my divine creative expression, because I’ve been scared to fully be myself in a world full of shame, blame, judgment and persecution. I spent the majority of my life trying to please others in order to gain their approval, so that I could feel safe. But that was merely an illusion and the truth will always prevail.

~ Meg Myers

We look forward to hearing what Meg Myers has to offer for us next. Stay tuned for more updates, and listen to the song now!

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