Irish singer-songwriter Luz Corrigan’s new single, ‘Permanent +1,’ released on August 5, 2021, is a beautifully composed song dedicated to a special someone in your life. Her piano version of Dua lipa’s ‘Don’t start now,’ on Tik Tok trended, and on YouTube, she played full cover with over 2 million streams. Luz has caught sight of high-profile musicians, including Lewis Capaldi, Dermot Kennedy, Julia Michaels, Sigrid, and Niall Horan.

Wasting no time, the 20-year old pop singer has already released over four singles, ‘i’m lonely,’ ‘we’ll be fine,’ ‘the author,’ and her latest single this year, ‘counting houses.’ Luz’s remarkable harmonious piano playing in ‘permanent +1’ is captivating. It’s a heartfelt track that will surely make you appreciate your loved one. ‘When I receive an invitation to bring along someone/ I’ll always tick the box and write your name.’ Her dulcet vocals, mellow instrumental chords set a story of a transient love connection.

Permanent +1

Luz pours her heart and soul to serenade to her beau, rekindling their romance. A masterful piece, beautifully written like a love story, ‘I liked you even when you lost my phone number /You didn’t speak a word to me the whole summer/You liked me even when I danced with another/You liked me even when I.’ Luz remains enamored with her sweetheart, even when time passes on and the distance keeps them apart. She’s a magnificent pianist, hitting high notes, transitioning from a chill melody to an upbeat tune.

Luz-Permanent +1

Listen to ‘Permanent +1’ now, fall head over heels with Luz’s angelic voice. Luz Corrigan tour dates as a special guest include singer JP Saxe’s, ‘The feelings are stupid 22 Tour’, Sam Fischer, ‘A simple tour,’ Freya Ridings at London Lafayette, and Horst Arts & Music Festival. Follow Ireland’s Next Generation’s mellow pop singer on Instagram and Tiktok.

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