Alien is a Nu-Funk tribute to the late and great legend Gil Scott Heron who passed away on May 27th, 2011. The track starts off with Gil’s unique, velvety voice accompanied by keys played by the “Alien” singer. After building momentous tension with white noise risers and loops, it drops into a righteous, grooving, live-recorded bassline combined with a thumping 4-on-the-floor kick/snare in true Funk-fashion.

On Alien, LUVRS note: “Gil Scott was and is a legend in the Soul and Jazz sphere. We wanted to honor the singer on the 9th anniversary of his death day, and what better way to do that then through music? The lyrics are also very relevant today, denoting the harsh struggle undocumented immigrants face seeking refuge in the U.S.”

Earlier this month, LUVRS released the debut video for their first single “Lady,” which is a 1-take performance of the duo building the song from scratch using instruments to record and layer loops. The video was covered in The Hype Magazine and has garnered over 20K views across Facebook and Youtube.

“Born in New York City and raised by single mothers, LUVRS keep it real. Self-taught musicians and producers pushing potent and polished pieces of prowess on the population. You know that song you’ve got stuck in your head? The one you catch yourself humming as it loops endlessly on a seamless circuit that transcends space and time? Yeah, it’s LUVRS’ fault. immunity to their infectious music will be scarce. For their style itself, packed with catchy melodies, groovy bass lines and popping drums, is the antidote to everything else out there.”

Alien was remixed, recorded, composed, and engineered by LUVRS.

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