On January 14th, New York indie-pop artist Luka James released his new single, “Mist.” Full of atmospheric keys, killer drums, and a fantastic vocal performance, “Mist” is “about releasing the need for outside validation to find your own truth.” The production on this thing is incredible, but what really solidifies it in my mind are the instrumental performances. 

Luka James is the primary producer on this track, meaning most of the keyboard elements went through him. Centering the track with vintage keyboard sounds is a bold move, particularly when the surrounding elements will be a bit more lively – though that’s not the right word because an electric piano can be one of the liveliest instruments around. Even still, the surrounding instrumentation brings an energy that enhances the electric piano center.

The best comparison I can think of for Luka James and his voice with this instrumentation? Parcels. Give this song just a little bit of a livelier bass line and it’s a Parcels song. It doesn’t need that kind of a bass line because that’s not who Luka James is, but the energy is very similar. Those who have read my review of Parcels Day/Night know how much I respect and enjoy Parcels, and Luka James has put himself firmly on my radar with “Mist.”

Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

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