After coming back from a strong debut album and tour in 2018, post-hardcore band LIMBS drops their second single of 2020 titled, “I Used to Be You.”

LIMBS breaks free of its inner demons and shows its audience that they too can grow while releasing some of those heavy feelings and urging change. Heavy-hitting lyrically and musically, the track talks of the vocalist’s (Austin McCauley) dark past, and encourages others through his story to never give up.

“‘I Used To Be You’ was written as a reflection of my past, riddled with toxic relationships, substance abuse and struggling to cope with the loss of my father. The song is an introspective look into the person I became when life was at its darkest, but narrates how I was able to overcome adversity and better myself, for my own sake and those around me. The driving force behind this story of rebirth is the memory of my father, his voice in my head telling me not to give up, to never stop fighting. ‘For all that I’ve seen, as long as you stayed…I can’t be afraid to live up to your name.’ Because of him, forever living through me, I embraced defeat and uncertainty, recognizing who I once was and striving to better myself by all means necessary.” 

Austin McAuley

Emotionally-ridden, the vocals scream all the pain out, creating a gut-wrenching connection to Austin’s story, especially hitting home to those who’ve also faced addiction and abuse in their lives.

The song speaks of moving forward, past the darkness and mistakes and the shame in our deepest darkest flaws, and urges growth. It takes the vocalist’s darkest moments, fills it with a light of hope, and shows that it is possible to grow even when things feel so dark, empty, and numb.

I USED TO BE YOU- official music video

Paired with a music video, “I Used to Be You,” is featured with each band member playing in a dark room, with soft yellow light pouring onto their silhouettes.

There are those moments once you’ve grown beyond that darkness where you look back at your past, and you see then that there was room for that growth. LIMBS uses “I Used to Be You” to inspire their past selves to sprout their wings and fly toward that pinhole of light, and no matter what, to never give up on reaching for hope, peace, and healing, even as life continues to strike them down. It’s quite the inspiring message.

Stream “I Used to Be You” and “Empty Vessel” on Spotify:

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