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I can’t help myself. I’m standing in the crowd, belting out the lyrics to live forever and closing my eyes as If I was back at Wembley stadium in 2000 and hoping to be knocked in the head by a giant inflatable banana, like the time before.


There will be no repeat of the banana incident, but the music is not too dissimilar. It’s been quite a few years now since we were graced on stage by the two Gallagher brothers and we’re no closer to seeing that reunion on stage as we are at seeing me getting hit by another inflatable object at a Wembley show.

But the one half that has made an appearance tonight, to the delight and roars of thousands of expectant fans crammed into Forum black box, Is the half we love to hate or hate to love, Liam Gallagher.

A lifetime of altercations, run ins with the press, security, you name it… he’s welcomed with open arms by the extremely vocal Danish crowd and the gig is under way.

‘Rock & Roll Star’ fills the room with drive and energy and from the start, the crowd are up on their partners shoulders and chucking beer in the air. 


I’m sure a cup just flew past my head, but there’s no time to stand around and fret about it, Liam’s bouncing into the next track, Halo, and getting the crowd to shake with him.

All eyes are on the giant screen behind Liam, showing amazing close ups of the Manchester lad and his backing singers and band. A spectacle in itself and I keep thinking to myself, “I bet that cost a few quid?”.

Yeah, probably, but with a sell out tour and a full summer of festival appearances on the way, I’m sure the tour manager and record label will be rubbing their hands together for another successful season.

You can understand why. The packed arena is buzzing and clapping along to all the favorites including Oasis hits, ‘Roll With It’ and ‘Stand By Me’ and Liam reassures the crowd that he is good value for money.

No one in the audience can deny this as he gives, not one, but two encores, much to the dismay of a few hundred that had left the venue thinking ‘champagne Supernova’ had drawn the night to a close.


It hadn’t… but ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ was about to and for everyone that had stayed, they were treated to a loud and invigorated performance of one of the classic ‘Oasis’ tunes.

“Is it my imagination, or have I finally found something worth living for?”

If there are things in life worth living for, we would probably all agree. Standing in front of one of your idols, screaming out the lyrics to some of the most iconic songs of a generation and sipping on an expensive beer. 

Well, it’s probably not the only reason to live for, but it’s a bloody good start!

Thanks for the memories Liam and thanks for a quality night. We’ll see you again this summer at Tinderbox.

A shout out to Danish punksters, Iceage, for giving an assured performance as a warm up to this gig. The guys come with bags of stage presence, powerful riffs and a swagger and shake from frontman, Elias Ronnenfelt, that wouldn’t be out of place at a birthday bash in a care home. 

Kicking around since the end of the previous decade, the band will no doubt live long in the memories of Danish fans as another home nation band to fly to flag but never really raise it high enough abroad. 

I think everyone is happy to keep it this way, but they definitely merit a chance.

Did I enjoy the concert? You’ll have to ask my missus. She’s the one cleaning the stink of cigarettes and alcohol out of my shirt tomorrow. 


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