LÉA THE VOX Showed Out in Music Video for “TV”

LA-based artist LÉA THE VOX not only made a great summer anthem, “TV,” but also included a music video with mad summer vibes.

The video displays everything surrounding a 2022 summer. The footage screams hot girl summer from the sneaky link to the working out. Furthermore, the video matches the song’s lyrics. Have you ever watched a music video that has nothing to do with the song’s meaning? Thankfully, the music video for “TV,” shows what the artist is talking about.

LÉAH THE VOX sings about how she and her sneaky link only stay up and watch TV. Yet, the video shows them doing more than watching TV—the song acts as a filter for what she’s genuinely singing about while the video visually translates her meaning. It shows the “sneaky link” trend for those who don’t understand. “TV” also shows more diversity. The actors and actresses in the video are obviously of various ethnicity. Representation is a significant factor in what’s displayed on TV shows, music videos, and movies. 

While the entire video gives off Beyoncé vibes, the beginning screams Beyoncé because the working out scene is similar to Beyoncé’s “Be Alive” performance at The Oscar, the song she did for the King Richard movie.

LÉAH THE VOX did excellent as an emerging artist with the song and music video, from the quality of the video to the contents. Another thing to point out is how flawless she looks in the video. LÉAH THE VOX’s YouTube channel shows that this is her first music video and was released two weeks ago. It has received over 500 views so far (and will get more).

Go ahead and listen to “TV” on your preferred music streaming platform and watch the music video.

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