Highly anticipated, Lacey’s first single for her second full-length album has officially come out. After teasing the release through live streams for the last couple of months, as a husband and wife team, Josh and Lacey’s project together has left the studio fresh and heavy.

“We have been feeling a heavy song in the works for some time. We have played an earlier version of this song live to some lucky fans, but had a feeling it needed something more.” They worked the vocals over and over again, and played with many different sounds, like painting, but with music, until seemingly without warning, the song was born and available to listen to on all listening platforms.

As the first song after four years since the release of her first album, Life Screams, Lacey has been taking her time enjoying family life, and writing music as she sees feet. As free agents, her husband worked as the sound engineer while they teamed together to create the song the best way they could, with no deadlines or labels on their back to tell them what to say and when to release new music. And they say it’s very freeing.

“The Decree,” dropped at midnight EST on May 15th, shows us a revival of the Lacey Sturm we grew to love in her days with Flyleaf. Songs such as “I’m So Sick,” “In the Dark,” and others gave us tastes of her unique, crystal clear voice, paired with female vocal screams unlike anything else you’ve heard in the hard rock music industry. And fans were more than ready to hear a heavier song from Lacey. On May 14th, The Octane on Sirius XM gave its listeners access to an exclusive first listen of the song, the day before the song’s release.

Lacey Sturm’s screams over the three albums she spent as a part of Flyleaf paired well with the background as an instrument to her music. Even in her debut album as a solo artist, she featured screaming vocals in a few of her songs. But in this new release, “The Decree” makes her screams known, fully, loudly, and proud. Her clean vocals come out more polished than ever, and her screams are grittier and more filled with emotion than ever.

This could never have paired better with the single’s message: the time is not near; it’s here right now. Declare your authority in your own identity, and be strong in the time of trials while you are struggling with darkness. When doubt comes in all around you, keep standing strong and proud, and do not let yourself be shaken. Declare yourself as strong, as proud, and make that your new decree, in the middle of your war within yourself and the forces of darkness against you.

Little by little will we be hearing more music from Lacey Sturm. While living life as a dedicated and proud mother to three children, she and Josh have been working together to produce the next new album together, and I am very excited to see what’s in store for what is next.

Check out the latest live stream here:

Josh Sturm shows himself as a genuine and seemingly unending support for her in her music, and you can see this most in the live stream release party they threw together tonight in celebration of the new music.

“The Decree” is available to stream on Spotify. Check out the song here.

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