Korn’s Livestream Concert a “MONUMENTAL” Success

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Titled “Korn:Monumental”, the American nu metal band lit up the LA sky with their livestream concert featuring both their classic hits, and tracks from their 2019 album, “The Nothing”. When the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to all concerts, many artists, such as Korn, were suddenly unable to collectively share their electrifying passion for their art with their fans. All eyes, and ears, were strained in earnest anticipation on bands and music icons everywhere to see what they would come up with in the face of this unprecedented global event. Artist, already pressured by the beast that is the constant evolution of the music industry, were forced to brainstorm new ways to pioneer through the uncertain future. Lucky for Korn, already a group of well-known and respected trailblazers, their dedication to their craft and fans can only bring in more success. 

Many artists have turned to online streaming as a way to connect with their fans, but as Korn said in their livestream’s intro, “we’re starving for live music”. Before the show even got started, fans were raving madly on the livestream’s feed their excitement. The comment feed was at a constant roll, displaying what would have been shouts of encouragement and calls of mosh-pit ferocity.

Going all out, Korn delivered. Building a stage out of the set of Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience attraction, they surrounded themselves with gigantic projection screens and complicated lighting rigs. To Korn, this livestream isn’t just a concert in a video, but a real performance for live online audiences. At one point, when the band strikes the last note of their song “Thoughtless”, Ray Luzier can even be seen throwing up his drumsticks. The end result was a unique experience, something that felt like a private concert. The band performed with everything they had in them, with an intro that sounded eerily like an abandoned carnival to set the mood, a raging outro to satisfy the masses, and all the roars and growls of their vocals in-between. 

For a limited time, “Monumental” is available for streaming on On Demand.

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