Italian DJ Kharfi ft. Abigail Rose drop 'New Love Feeling' a passionate EDM Summer song

Italian DJ Kharfi and American singer Abigail Rose released a provocative electronic track, ‘New Love Feeling,’ on July 30th, 2021. It’s a sensual EDM love song dedicated to those currently in a honeymoon phase or rekindling with a former lover. Following his second single release, “Unlikely,” as part of his debut album this year. His popularity in the EDM scene has gotten attention from other DJs, opening for artists Martin Garrix, Skrillex, and Steve Aoki.

Kharfi’s ‘New Love Feeling’ is a love-themed electro song featuring Rose’s mellow vocals. Kharfi’s intro mixes techno and classic trance, rose’s voice is hauntingly beautiful. ‘That lust/desire/do it in your car/your touch/like fire/burning up my heart/that rush/desire/written in the stars/Now we’re in the dark.’ Rose singing is passionate, describes a love conquest and yearning to be romantically involved with someone. Suddenly beat drops, bass follows, Rose’s vocals echo ‘New Love,’ chorus.

Kharfi, Abigail Rose – New Love Feeling artwork by Valeria

Nashville singer-songwriter Abigail Rose’s musical career called the attention of DJ Kharfi. Within the years, Rose has worked with international DJs and pop artists. Last year, she collaborated with Netherland EDM DJs Arcando and Egzod, ‘Sinking,’ with more than one million streams on Spotify. With Kharfi’s remix skills and Roses’ sweet pop vocals, together, they produce a fiery track. “I want that new love feeling/ Don’t you miss the way we used to move so right.” It’s the type of electro song you rush to the dance floor and get intimate with a special someone.

This year’s Summer’s EDM song, ‘New Love Feeling,’ is catchy, perfect for night drives with your beau. Kharfi has produced over four other tracks this year, ‘Tell Her,’ ‘Too Late,’ ’24,’ and ‘Marrakech Express.’ His ambition has gained him recognition as the youngest DJ in Italy. Make sure to follow DJ Kharfi on Spotify and Instagram for future tours.

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