Kali Uchis, R&B Neo soul singer just released a surprise four-song EP she named To Feel Alive on April 24 2020.

Kali gave a pretext to the EP release via Twitter on April 21. 

It will be a 4 song ep i made in a couple days, during quarantine. recorded all of it alone, in my room, bcoz i won’t roll out my real album right now, but wanna give my babies something ٩(˘◡˘)۶ nobody needs to listen to it, & i don’t want ANYONE to buy it. thank u”, she said. 

Kali Uchis has become increasingly popular since her debut album Isolation, and has had an excellent track record of features as well. Kali has been expected to drop an album soon but recently informed the public that this EP is a gift to her fans as a placeholder.

“can’t drop the album yet”, the singer said on Instagram.

For an EP that was self written, produced, performed in just a couple days, and is only 10 minutes long, these 4 songs are abundant with emotion. To Feel Alive takes us on what feels like a deeply personal journey through the rush of falling back into what once was, and the thrill and pain of escaping that and finding more. Kali’s lyrics dwell on the past, bathe in the present, and contemplate the future.

Not only does Kali Uchis open up her softer side to her listeners in this EP, but she somehow manages to also exude an undeniably bad-ass energy that shows off purposeful elements of confidence and strength throughout this EP.

There’s at least one song for anyone who has experienced an intense relationship, been hurt, or been in love to relate to in To Feel Alive. The slightly desolated, dreamy, ruminative lyricism laced with Kali Uchis’s unmistakable honey-smooth voice was a perfectly timed offering for all the listeners currently in isolation. 

Ana Leonard Editor
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Ana Leonard Editor
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