On “Ode To Self,” Danica Dares pays homage to the land and people they come from. From the somewhat Celtic melodies and landscape shots in the music video, they put their influences and their pride in their homeland at the forefront of the song. The lyrics are obviously inspired by poems about the British landscape, and they’re better off for it. When an artist can take inspiration from other mediums and tie said mediums into their music, it’s a testament to their artistry and desire to hone their craft.

To directly quote the artist, Danica Dares has said that “‘Ode To Self’ is an anthemic celebration of the self … Ultimately, it’s a song about compassion and the importance of showing this to ourselves and others.” This is evident in both the lyrics and the music. Triumphant synths provide the backbone for the chorus, mimicking the melody while the bass line provides the consistent movement that has driven the song thus far. 

The most important part of this song, however, is the music video. While Danica Dares does a good enough job showcasing their love of their homeland through the song, the music video gave them the perfect opportunity to truly capture the visuals they want to describe. Through a mix of close-ups that show how humanity melds with nature and wide shots that show how insignificant humanity is in the grander scheme of things, they get the point across that humanity is responsible for showing compassion to ourselves, each other, and the land on which we live.

Be sure to check out the music video for yourself!

Ode To Self (Official Music Video) – Danica Dares

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