Jon Bellion, the legendary artist with credits in songs for artists such as Justin Bieber, Halsey, Selena Gomez, and Louis the Child, has returned with a new track titled “I FEEL IT.” In collaboration with GRAMMY®-winning Nigerian song artist Burna Boy, “I FEEL IT” also features writers like fellow producer BJ Burton, and others like Clyde Lawrence and Jordan Cohen. This is Bellion’s first new single since 2019, which saw the release of his Platinum-certified “Good Things Fall Apart” with ILLENIUM, as well as the song “Crop Circles.”

This track also featured a preview of Bellion’s solo version back on December 10, 2020. At that time, the song was described to be “anxiety punk.” Even now, Bellion agrees that the description is still accurate to the completed version of the track today.

“There is a heaviness all around that I can’t describe. All I know is that I feel it and I think Burna can, too.”

~ Jon Bellion

The visualizer for “I FEEL IT” features the gorgeous track cover given life with 3D affects, lighting and other colorful details. Of course, one can’t help but speculate the story that is being told through this art. At a guess, the cover art features a solo galaxy traveler, witnessing the explosion of their or a companion’s spaceship. A scenario like this would certainly cause some tense feelings to take play, and this is where the lyrics help cement the song’s meaning. “I FEEL IT” features lines such as “I feel it in your energy, when did my close friend just become an enemy,” and “we were young now bliss doesn’t come around, this is a way I feel and my heart it can’t take no more .” Burna Boy and Bellion integrate the catchiness of this song perfectly by bouncing off of each other in such a fun and lively way.

Stream “I FEEL IT” on Spotify here:

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