Jack Harlow Show Hometown Love and Nostalgia In New Music Video

The 25-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper has just released a music video for what appears to be the lead single from his new album, Jackman. The song, ‘They Don’t Love It’, is the second track on the album and has already amassed over nine million streams in the first two weeks of its release. Jackman debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200 and is Harlow’s most recent release following his Grammy-nominated album, COME HOME THE KIDS MISS YOU. The previous release includes his hit singles ‘Nail Tech’ and ‘First Class’ the latter of which earned Harlow his first #1 single.

‘They Don’t Love It’ has the potential to be one of the emerging hits off the album as it continues to amass more and more streams. The song’s lyrics are raw and concise as Harlow describes the life he’s living, and the music video reflects his message as he takes viewers down memory lane in his home city of Louisville, Kentucky.

Opening up, Harlow performs to the camera as he and a pair of friends shadow-box with one another in the parking lot of the Mid City Mall, an actual mall in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the first of various locations to be shown in the video that alludes to and reminisces on events in Harlow’s upbringing around the city. Other locations include trips to Harlow’s elementary, middle, and high school.

The rest of the music video features montages of more moments that work effectively alongside the track playing over it with moments such as Harlow playing soccer alongside friends as the lyrics “I don’t play goalie/But I’m my brother’s keeper” play over the video. The sentiment of familial love, blood or not, continues as the scene cuts to viewers watching Harlow sit at a table eating barbecue with the lyrics “Surrounded by family, I’m not with other people/They say I got my pops’ demeanor and my mother’s features.”

The rest of the video includes Harlow doing a number of activities, including going to a thrift store and taking selfies with the owners, and setting off fireworks in an empty plot of land alongside friends. Overall, the music video successfully creates a nostalgic feeling that, when layered with the lyrics of the song, Harlow is able to get his message across by putting a magnifying glass up to his hometown as he proudly announces in his first verse, “And f*** the hills ’cause I’m livin’ my life in the cut.”

Stream Jackman, available on all streaming platforms, and watch the music video here.

Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;
Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;

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