It was the very last of the festival but the energy that the people attending were carrying was just as fresh and full as the very first day. Granted most of this energy was probably still being fueled by the excitement for the lineup that night involving big names like Seven Lions, Tipper, and Marshmello.

Seeing as it was the last day of the festival, we decided to try to explore the campgrounds a bit more during the day. We started our exploration at Shakedown Street, the main area with the majority of the food trucks and vendors were set up. Strolling through from one end of the pathway to the other, we were overwhelmed with smelling all of the specialty festival food scents wafting in the air, seeing all of the neon and earthy colored accessories and clotheslining the sides of the walkway, and hearing all of the different variations of bass coming from multiple speakers all around. As the time drew close to the evening, more and more people started to trickle out into the main areas surrounding the festival grounds to pass the time until everyone’s favorite acts for the night began.

To get through our anticipation for the later sets of the nights, we hung out for a bit at what had come to be our go-to getting groovy at any time stage, Disco Inferno. However, as soon as eight o’clock hit, we hopped right on over to the Oceania stage just in time to see the full-scale introduction of Seven Lion set. Time seemed to pass by so quickly and before we knew it, we looked up only to Marshmello’s infamous head pop up on stage. About halfway through, we ran over to the Amazonia stage to let ourselves get mesmerized by Tipper. The second that we made it over there we immediately got sucked into the energy and flow of the crowd, Tipper’s fanbase definitely showed out!

Coverage by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by Ana Leonard

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