Calling all pop-bop listeners! Nashville-raised Kat Saul just put out new single, “I Love to Hate You,” from her upcoming album, “made in the 90s.” Kat Saul jumped on the pop music scene with her debut EP, “…From Unit 408,” released earlier this year. The pop musician channels all the female energy to lyrically generate music that sounds like the feeling of growing older.

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This track has a fresh pop production done by Max Weinik and Prince Fox, as well as their contribution on the lyrics with the singer herself. “I Love to Hate You” has a flowing melody bound to get you dancing, but holds lyrical content that brings up some bitter-sweet emotions.

The track begins with “you’re telling all your friends that I’m out my mind,” setting the track up for those post-breakup reflections. The realization of looking back at the past is shown through the hints of lyrics like “but looking back you never did me right,” and “every night you had me cancelling.” The single has a clear theme of altered feelings towards a past lover; I mean, look at the title.

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After listening to “I Love to Hate You,” it’s safe to say we can expect more symbolic pop songs come the album, “made in the 90s.” To get a taste of what’s coming, listen to “I Hate to Love You,” you can find the track on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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