Hope Lives In Tim Clark x Robin Vane’s ‘Forgiving Hearts’

To forgive is a challenge unto itself. It’s a test of ones’s mental resolve but most importantly the maturity of the heart and soul. Which makes it one of those occurrences in our lives that we can’t apply the mentality of ‘faking it till you make it’. It demands a lot from the person, pride included. In the process making yourself vulnerable to that someone you hold a grudge with. This is why the act of forgiving or uttering the words ‘I forgive you’ is such a hot button topic.

Image Courtesy Of Submithub Via Tim Clark

This applies to all realms, and could be a cause of division among individuals. Like boats let loose at sea, they drift far with no clear timetable of when they’re returning. Such is the image painted by Tim Clark’s latest song entitled “Forgiving Hearts (Feat. Robin Vane)”. Released last February 14th via Tradebloc Music in all streaming platforms, it’s a danceable ballad of a couple struggling to stay afloat. Sure they might still be together, but you can see the cracks breaking their once joyful partnership. They’ve pained each other in the past and in the present. With all that still fresh, they are now faced with the dilemma ‘to forgive or not to forgive?’.

While the outcome is not revealed, it is very evident that there’s this willingness to work things out.“Willing to lay all my cards”, he’s banking on the fact the he knows that from the very start they both have “forgiving hearts”.Hopefully one day, all these wounds would heal and they could start all over again because this time he’ll be better.

As much as Tim Clark’s “Forgiving Hearts (Feat. Robin Vane)” has melancholy and hope intertwined in its lyrics. The beat, rhythm and it’s presentation is a stark contrast of that gloom and doom. In fact, it’s quite an energetic tune that gets the blood pumping and your body moving. Perhaps it’s a metaphor of what we should be doing in the first place? To make a move and forgive or ask for forgiveness to the people we’ve hurt in the past.

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Stay cozy folks.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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