Hollywood Undead Returns “Unhinged” in Latest Livestream Experience

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Hollywood Undead takes the stage once more with a unique Livestream for fans that take that living room concert escapade to the next level. Through this experience, the band takes an approach of reminding fans that they’re still here, presenting a whole new level of excitement and as they re-enter the world of concerts, post-pandemic. 

Hollywood Undead: Undead Unhinged Official Trailer

Beginning, Hollywood Undead opens leaning into the virtual aspect with glitch graphics and effects and two songs that, to them and fans “will always be a banger.” Whatever It Takes and Day of the Dead, as expressed, were songs written with an intense punk beat, the intention to hype the crowd, and bring moshing fans that excitement they’ve been missing through concerts.  The unparalleled introduction into the concert with these songs, although cannot quite live up to an in-person experience, certainly leaves a mark on fans watching from home. 

With this unique performance, Hollywood Undead also included intermissions throughout, giving fans even more exclusive content on the creation of their most popular tracks. From a simple melody or a single lyric, they expressed in these intermissions how each song they’ve performed played a part in the development of their sound as a whole. 

Hollywood Undead: Undead Unhinged Live

As the Live Stream continued, Hollywood Undead proved the title of the event “Undead Unhinged” by featuring their songs Bad Moon, and Undead; the latter featuring a special guest that fans recognized as Alex Varkatzas, the former singer from Atreyu. In the brief intermission of “fun facts” for the songs, the band also shares on the creation of Undead,

“If we didn’t have Undead, our record wouldn’t be as polished as it was and our band wouldn’t be as big as it was,” Jorel Decker (guitarist) explains after the performance of the song in particular. Although, expressing that it was probably their most known song, it was a track they never expected to be as big as it was. “That song came from the gut, and… I don’t know… is something that you could probably never recapture.”

Hollywood Undead: Undead Unhinged Live

The event, although was left available for fans who purchased the tickets to rewatch for a short period of time, built anticipation for the day that Hollywood Undead returns to the stage for in-person concerts. In meantime, stream Hollywood Undead’s top hits here on Spotify.

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