High Waisted’s released a new single, Modern Love to promote the upcoming album Sick of Saying Sorry.
Further detailing the inspiration behind the video, directors Jenni Yang & Logan Seaman share; “Jenni found a quote that says “to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed.” That really inspired us to write a story about love and power. Jess would be the heroine in the story, not only because she looks badass on the stage, but because she represents many modern women. As her character lives a happy and love-filled life, she encounters situations where she needs to step out of her comfort zone in order to protect her love. It’s a metaphor for modern love. You can’t just live happily ever after like in the movies. There are moments in which we struggle. It’s a journey of learning to be yourself, and most importantly to be brave.”
“Modern Love” is the latest single off of High Waisted’s new album, Sick of Saying Sorry, out May 22nd.
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