“Hey Robin” Would Do Nick Drake Proud

Courtesy of Poppy Prescott

Drawing inspiration from Nick Drake, Poppy Prescott’s “Hey Robin” captures the soul of the legendary folk singer in ways few artists have done in the past. Most reminiscent of Drake’s Album Pink Moon, Prescott’s capability as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter truly shines within the single. Full of beautiful vocals, intricate guitar work, and magnificent production value, here is a look inside the profoundly relaxing song.

Hey Robin,

give me one for the road

hey Robin,

I hate to see you go

it ain’t good,

you know it ain’t good to stay

I don’t want you,

I don’t want you to change

“Hey Robin” Lyrics – Poppy Prescott and Dan McConkey

Beginning with a somber acoustic guitar riff, Prescott interrupts the mix with tranquil vocals that laments a relationship on the brink of falling apart. The most striking moments in the song happen in the chorus with Prescott’s voice at center stage. Reciting the lyrics “go pack up and take a train,” the audience can clearly hear the tenderness in the songwriter’s voice, cementing perfectly with the acoustic guitar. Prescott’s singing is effortlessly smooth, capable of power and range, yet only utilized to serve the song, much like Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling.

Photo Credits: Poppy Prescott Facebook

Though the singer phrases her vocals at all the right places, the little nuances found in the production also deserve attention. Prevalent in the chorus is the unique approach to guitar where a capo is being used to manipulate the instrument in a way similar to a mandolin. Double tracked guitars, backmasked instrumentation, and quiet harmonies provide complexities to the seemingly simple track, creating texture in a subtle yet effective way. Overall, with help from co-writer and collaborator Dan McConkey, Poppy Prescott establishes herself as a true folk artist with the potential to become a legend herself.

Currently, out now, be sure to listen to “Hey Robin” here. For more news, be sure to keep up to date with Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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