The club-scene anthem, “Crazy What Love Can Do” has been blessing the socialites, lovers, and mavericks since its debut in April, leaving a bounce in your step far beyond the exit of a bar. As the original is still climbing charts, the artists seemed to sense a new layer of the song and took a much desired turn into a world of gentle plucks and harmony.

David Guetta, Becky Hill, and Ella Henderson delicately removed the bass blaring beats to birth a stunning acoustic rendition of “Crazy What Love Can Do“–putting the vocalists at center stage. With the zestful original surpassing 60 million global streams it seemed nearly impossible for the synced up trio to make the bop even better. But once again, David Guetta proved he can and will do anything.

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After his 10th Grammy nomination in 2021, the musical spearhead of electronic music seemed more driven than ever. After collaborating with Joel Curry and Bryson Tiller on “What Would You Do,” the international icon had another gem in his back pocket. The original “Crazy What Love Can Do” features two strong, talented, and eclectic woman who breath their soul into their art.

Becky Hill, coined by Guetta as, “one of the very rare queens of dance music,” has molded her indisputable talent to create chart-topping pop records like, “Only Honest On The Weekend,” well worth the listen. Ella Henderson, who has put in the work for the past 10 years, has landed herself on top with her No. 1 debt album, “Chapter One” and her newly released album “Everything I Didn’t Say.”

With the cohesive integration of Guetta’s admirable musicality, Hill’s rooted and slightly raspy vocals, and Henderson’s complimentary gleaming harmony, the acoustic rendition of “Crazy What Love Can Do,” sounds like a breath of fresh air. Standing tall with only the help of a microphone, Hill belts a celestial stream of intensity into our ear drums, hypnotically drawing us into the track with, “wrap me up in diamonds/cover me in gold/but nothing they could buy me/made me feel whole.” With the absence of sound, the guitar truly highlights her talent, letting the world know that she deserves that spotlight.

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Bridged by angelic harmony, the song continues to float through our veins, bringing Henderson to the stage. Contrasting Hill’s sound, Henderson winds us up with her soul-stirring range in her vocal explosion of “I was lonely, lonely/then I found you.” For a final showcase of their indescribable talent, the two come together to close the show, emanating a harmony that can only be heard in the depths of your dreams.

Watch their brilliance unfold in real time here. It is definitely worth the watch!

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