For those who might not be familiar with Christopher, his songs are well known for being catchy and exploring topics of love and life. His latest single, Ghost, debuted 17 January, and really has us exciting to hear the album he’s teasing!


Ghost begins by taking the listener back to youthful days, reminicing on living life on edge, burnt out lungs, and living fast. As Christopher reached the spotlight as a talented artist in his youth, we spoke to him last summer about the future direction of his music as he’s matured since those days. As he grew up, time changed – which he touches on more specifically in regards to dating through Ghost. 


While the first verse makes a very young introduction, the song quickly “grows up” with the prechorus singing:

I was letting you down with my head in the clouds
It’s a long way to fall when your feet don’t touch the ground
It took a while to figure it out

The pre-chorus leads into a mature, aware perspective: describing how now they’ve grown up and apart and he is feeling some regrets on his previous (pre-chorus) ways.

Now you’re living on the west side
Living your best life
Loving the wrong guy
You used to be mine, but I let you go
And that’s the part that hurts me the most
I know I said I need my own space
That was a mistake
Made my own heartbreak
Now you’re at his place, ignoring my calls
I see your face wherever I go
And now I’m just somebody you ghost

The song is well put together, sounds great, and has a great message. Safe to say we can’t wait to hear what’s next from Christopher!

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