Friday night was my very first time at Austin’s Moody Theater and needless to say, I was pretty excited. The night began with the futuristically funky sounds of Naughty Professor, an excellent New Orleans based band. They played for roughly an hour and it seemed as if they made it their mission to get as many people dancing as they could before Galactic would take the stage. They were excellent and if you happen to be a fan of big band funk, you might not wanna sleep on these guys.



I have spent the better part of the last few weeks listening to Already Ready Already, the latest album from New Orleans Funk gods Galactic. “You got me going, going straight crazy” has been stuck on cerebrum repeat for weeks and it feels like forever since I’ve seen them live. The last time being 2018’s Disc Jam Music Festival in Stephentown, New York. Then, Erica Falls was handing lead vocal duties so I was eager to how latest addition Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph would fare filling such prestigious shoes. 


Her voice grabs you by the heart the moment the soundwaves hit your eardrums. My immediate mental reaction was “Ouch” yet I wasn’t in any pain. She has the vocal power of an atom bomb and it didn’t seem matter where I was in the Moody Theater, I felt her voice. I literally mean FELT her voice, in the way that you feel someone wrap their arms around you. I remember thinking to myself “If her microphone suddenly cuts out, I bet nobody would be able to notice.” She is that good! Her voice is that strong!


Sometimes, I wish that I was the type of writer that could drone on about the technical aspects that make up a song or performance but I just love music. I love the way it makes me feel and the music of Galactic makes me feel wonderful. Sure, they are incredibly talented musicians who have perfected their craft over many years, but at the core, they are fun and just know how to get people moving. I would assume it’s not always easy for bands to bring high levels of energy to each and every performance but I am quite certain Galactic had it up to an 11 on Friday. It’s honestly difficult for me to recall a show where I moved as much as I did for this one. So be sure to check them out on one of their remaining tour dates and give a listen to “Already Ready Already”, you will not be disappointed.


Photos and Review by Derek Jones


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