Monday evening brought me to one of the most popular venues in Denmark – Copenhagen’s VEGA. The show organized by All Things Live was not something I usually attend as a heavy music fan, but since I have heard a lot of good stuff about the artist who was about to perform I didn’t mind it. In fact I was curious if she is as good as they say. Freya Ridings – because she was the main topic of the night – is a rising British star, called by some influential media ‘a new Adele’. Such a recommendation was a strong signal that I can be very positively surprised.

When I arrived on place the venue was half full getting warmed up by a vocalist Jack Cullen. Minimalist performance from Jack who standing on the left side of the stage (central part was already blocked by a piano) with his guitar entertained the fans for more-less half an hour with his calm music. 

The main part of the evening started on stage precisely as planned – 9 pm sharp. Musicians took their place in the back of the stage guided by the flashlight. Freya entered just a minute later accompanied by the first notes of ‘Love is Fire’. The star of the evening waved to the audience and took her place in the front of the piano situated in the front of the stage.

Spotlight focused on her while she sang the first lines of one of her hits opening the show with young fans knowing all the lyrics by hard joining their idol and singing along. I have to admit, all the fuss about her was totally on place because she in fact has an amazing and intriguing voice.

Even parents who were assisting their younger kids at the show opened their eyes wider and begin to watch the stage instead of staring at the phone screens. The stage itself was fitting the mood of the melancholic pop presented by the artist – small lamp standing on the top of the piano, and a fitting lamps hanging on the top of the stage, band standing on the platform on the back, hiding in the shadow for most of the time. Freya was sitting behind her piano most of the time –  she raised herself presenting her amazing dress for the first time during ‘Castles’ where, together with the rest of the band and the audience, she performed the last part of the song a capella assisted only by the rhythmic clapping.

For a change she played the next song ‘Unconditional’ without the band, just assisting herself on the acoustic guitar – that was the moment where all fans raised their phone torches to help create a cosy atmosphere in the venue. The show was finished with ‘Ultraviolet’ preceded with an intimate story provided by Freya – after the song she stood up and left backstage, followed by the band. 

After a short moment of standard chanting, clapping and pattering on the floor Freya returned on stage to play an encore including her most likely biggest hit ‘Lost Without You’. The song has been sung loud by most of the fans, at moments much louder than the vocalist, which concluding from the look at her face made her happy and proud. The whole show was wrapped after twelve songs and the fans slowly started to direct themselves to the exit.

Freya Ridings presented herself from a good side, however she still does not have that much material to present and the show lasting only an hour was a bit short. Nevertheless – she does have an amazing voice, she knows how to entertain the audience and what is most important – she definitely has a strong potential to become the next huge star. I wouldn’t call her ‘the next Adele’ though – from what I saw she is simply Freya Ridings and she doesn’t need to be compared to anybody.

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