UK-based producer, Former Hero, has been rising in the dance music scene as he combines dance music with post-rock and emo influences. While he creates music around emotions rather than sticking to one genre, his music is personal and intimate, yet upbeat at the same time. Former Hero encourages his listeners to dance through sadness; which creates a cathartic experience for everyone. This week, the producer released “Helvellyn,” the first track from a much-anticipated forthcoming debut album, which perfectly exemplifies this intention.

At first listen, the energetic tune’s crisp electronic moments sound like a party track, but when you take a moment to dive into the lyrics, you’ll hear how well Former Hero simultaneously meshes sentiments of vulnerability and sadness into it.

“Leave me on Helvellyn,
Watch me fade to ghost
Leave me on Helvellyn,
I stumble and I choke
Leave me on Helvellyn,
I cry the whole way home”

The inspiration for “Helvellyn” came from an experience that left a mark on Former Hero.

Helvellyn is the name of one of the biggest mountains in the UK. When I’d just turned 18 back in 2013 I went on a big camping trip/hike with my closest friends up that mountain, but I was in a really fragile mental state around that time. I had a pretty bad, embarrassing breakdown midway through the trip and had to go home, and it left a really big mark on me that I hadn’t really tried to unpack before until this past year.

~ Former Hero

While “Helvellyn” is the first glimpse listeners gain in what’s to come with the new album, it reflects on homesickness and vulnerability in putting oneself out there as he reflects on throughout the full body of work. This first single is one “that felt like the breakthrough moment when writing the album” he recalls. “It shifted the way I wanted to write lyrics, being significantly more specific than my lyrics typically were before.” Now, more than ever, Former Hero is openly voicing what keeps him up at night in hopes of inspiring others facing struggles to do the same. It’s an encouraging and inspiring message that Former Hero is creating as his signature sound. The emotiveness in dance music can allow fans to connect with him on a far deeper level while they dance away their melancholy. “Helvellyn” is the perfect warm-up track for what’s to come.

The debut album is to be released this August. Fans will also be excited to learn he’ll be involved in a number of virtual performances soon to be announced. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Former Hero.

Stream the latest single below!

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