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“Migraine,” by Ellur: As someone who has struggled with the grasp of chronic pain and migraines, this track offers a relatable look into the world of those who battle the stabbing pains of more than the typical headaches. The third track from this artist to date, this Halifax based indie pop artist shares a unique perspective from her Moments EP. It boldly captures an exploration into human relationships while mirroring classic pop hooks with her own spin of things.

“Vintage,” by SKiPPER!: This indie pop hit is the latest offering from this NYC based duo. Blending acoustic elements with electro pop, these sensitive souls urge on elements of feeling and the search for breathing freely. The delicate and zestful melodies come from the minds of both members, while the vocals introduce packed in lyrics of organic honesty and beauty.

“Flower,” by Heather Nation, Nondoh: This spacey and trippy collaboration is just as cinematic as it cools the soul with its epic soft rock tones. The vocalist, Heather, offers up her sonic landscape vocals to paint a beautiful scene of transcendent sound. She feeds her audience’s souls with the hope to inspire them to aspire to the truest version of the self.

“Apricot,” by LUME: This track is another atmospheric dreamscape of sound. While blending in heavy beats with a crunch of vivid lyrics and soul-filled vocals, this artist is sure to cool the outer being as it fills the mind with a melting pot of ideas and inspiration. The Manchester native musician curates a palpable sense of yearning, and is a rising artist in the music world who is on our radar!

“But I,” by Alibii: This brand new project is inspired by writing partners Courtney Egginton and Will Cumberlege. After meeting in their studies, they shared their aspirations together and formed their own unique sound. Sharing their thoughts written in the depths of the pandemic, we look forward to hearing more of their offerings in the future with a blend of indie, acoustic, and dream pop.

“Her Last,” by Sea Asylum- Alyson Jane Parker: Built around a full concept, this track offers a mere taste of all the texture laced throughout. Paired with dreamy pop scapes, classical violin, and live drums, the listener can be lost in the wander through the foggy landscape as they wander through this experience of sound.

“Shadow Hunters,” by Sara Syms: Authentic is the word most often used to describe this musician. An artist willing to be intimate and vulnerable with her fans. Haunting vocals and beautiful arrangements sweeten 10 tales plucked from the grit and grind of life. Working on her upcoming album The Darkest Light, a cathartic personification of the struggle between darkness and light, fear and love.

“Making Up A Dad,” by DANA: This track is a soulful, emotive piece, ridden with a story incredibly personal to the artist and her own journey. With a lacking of a figure to look up to, she picks up the pieces from within everyone around her. It’s a beautiful and emotional melody that will hit you to the core. 

“Man of Manners,” by Meskerem Mees: This folk track beautifully blends a poetic lyricism with stripped back vocals and a raw take of storytelling lyrics that make the soul ache from longing. Classical instruments pour into the soundscape with a unique twist of the knife, gripping every listener in to the story and the world this artist has curated for all to hear.

“We Will Be the Only Sound in the World,” by Hannah Schneider: This track is a slow burn of passionate emotion. Beginning with a stripped-back piano ballad, the vocals pour in to the experience and create a world of its own. This cinematic singer-songwriter is up to big things in the music world, with this single to be set to her upcoming album, Ocean Letters, out September next year. Her unique melancholic Nordic sound calls to those who yearn for something far more primal in nature to inspire the otherworldly to come forth.

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