As the year begins to close, we wanted to share our featured picks this week to start your Monday off right! Check them out!

“Say It,” by CHILD: With a music video freshly released, you’re hooked right into the experience of the song as cars are pulled back in reverse. Then, you’re plunged into the track with gothically dark pop vocals and a heavy beat that you can feel within your core. Debuting in August 2020, this artist is just getting started, too! Their inventive artistry is evident throughout their craft, whether it be with their emotive vocals or their wildly imaginative visuals made to match. This year, the magnum opus single has distinctly elevated his brand into a new expanse of the inspirational wonder that is this artist.

“Why Don’t Ya,” by Alex Clare: This London-based artist’s latest release is an wonder with its heavy drum beat paired with the incredibly soulful vocals. The jazz music listening upbringing is thoroughly evident throughout the process of this track, thrown in with a modern and folk spin. You feel the grit of the artist’s voice in your bones as it pulls you to and fro through a transcendent experience of sound and soul. Alex Claire is up to something big, and are rising on our radar as one to watch.

“Lazarus,” by Taylor McIntosh: Nineteen year-old rising indie pop star, this artist shares their true music love in their latest track. Telling stories about love and everyday life as a young adult, his goals reach high just as he aspires to tell these stories in new ways.

“Present Tense,” by AEM: Serial songwriter, this artist has moved from her country roots and has curated a brand new sound for all to hear. In the country music scene, Amy received many nominations for her music as well as had a top 50 billboard song, that was later put on hold by Reba McEntire. After putting focus in other genres, it was evident that her skills were meant for a new home in pop-alt. With 100 new songs over the last 2 years, an album in the near future is evident. The new single, the second of her brand new project, offers a fresh take as to what she has to offer next for the world, a relatability as a writer that shares the inner workings of her mind.

“FLARE,” by ASHWARYA: Just getting started and rising in the ranks, this soulful pop artist has offered up her latest project, a seven track EP. From it, this track includes an infectiously emotional and alluring experience of sound that will pull any listener into her world of melancholy and lit aflame.

“Downside,” by Katie Tantrum: Recently released, this alluring latest track from this artist pulls you in to the lead hook in the chorus, and a deep beat that compliment the unique vocals. With a poetic lyricism the internal rhymes blend in with the structured diction to curate the ultimate dark pop track.

“Brown Eyes,” by Ari Voxx: This dreamy pop track is fresh and new from this artist. Slowly easing the audience into her story with buttery vocals and laid-back neo soul roots, this DC raised musician is up to big things!

“Own,” by Ellie Harris, Sam Ellwood, Salvador Sin: This chill, study-beat worthy anthem involves a collaboration of talent from three rising artists. Ellie Harris is a 20 year old, self taught singer/songwriter and performer from West London. She began writing and composing music at age 9, developing a powerful voice with depth and range far beyond her years. Sam is a Music Producer from West London. He produces predominantly Alternative Hiphop and RnB, but also works with artists in other genres. And with Salvador Sin, these three artists created the ultimate laid back track.

“Not About You,” by Westrin & Mowry: This American folk rock duo showcases a multi-instrumentalist masterpiece. Evocative storytelling and stripped-back vocals result in an emotionally raw track perfect for the moody and rainy fall mornings.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the tracks on our featured playlist!

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