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“Game Over,” by Diana Goldberg: German-Latvian pop artist and singer-songwriter shares her latest release. As fun and snappy as it is, the lyrics blend in a sense of soul and sensitivity that leaves listeners gravitated and hooked in to her work, with this song being no exception.

“Bola de Cristal,” by Gaby Lagarda: Beginning the week, this upbeat dance anthem is ridden with the fun beats that’ll amp up anyone’s mood. While it builds using its Brazilian Funk base over the first forty seconds, it blends in pop elements and flirty lyrics throughout.

“Runaway,” by Mia Baron: Blending in soft rock with electro pop, this artist’s emotive lyrics are equally as relatable as they are reflective and dreamy. Looking into personal and mental health, this track inspires us not to run away from our problems, even though they’re scary.

“Doctor Please,” by Peacebone: Luring the audience in with a soothing piano intro, this track continues to build and progress before the vocals soar into the scene. As the song continues, the soft beat transcends into an ache and pouring out of the soul, both instrumentally with the classic rock elements, and with the shining vocals.

“New Ears,” by Son Step: A heavily textured meditation of dreamy pop, this track is the first release made in collaboration with drummer and experimenter Ben Sloan (WHY?, Naytronix, The National). Recorded in various locations in Philadelphia and Cincinnati, and shaped against the backdrop of the sea change that was 2020, an EP was born, different from anything this artist has curated before. “The result is a soft and moody foray into inner spaces, a collage of thick bass tones, synthetic cycles and fluidly snapping percussion. Lyrically, it carefully explores themes of systemic failure, modern challenges, healing and growth, with words and sonics weaving into something meant to be felt rather than immediately understood.”

“I Don’t Want to Be You Anymore,” by Livva: An anthem of self-reflection and transformation, this indie pop track is emotive and beautifully captures the sense of anxiety in not knowing who you are anymore, while reflecting on change and pushing and pulling for the sense of identity again.

“What A Wonderful World (cover),” by Sawyer Fredericks: This beautiful Louis Armstrong cover showcases the artist’s artistry and expressive vocals. Winner of Season 8 of NBC’s “The Voice,” Sawyer’s skills have captivated audiences globally. This track is no exception to that, evoking and gripping people in to the story of the track much like the classics long before his time.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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