Check out our featured picks this week, to kick your week off on a great note!

“All I Wanna Do,” by Nordista Freeze: Nashville local and guest of our first ever livestream event, Freeze continues to pump out new content as he enjoys life on tour for the first time since quarantine. This new single offers a funky and fresh take on the classic slow dance of the 60s and 70s chill rock and roll. The lyrics are heartwarming and uplifting. Check out the fun music video the single was paired with!

One Drink,” by Gus McArthur: Blending conscious hip-hop with heavier metal elements, this track is a fresh blend of two seemingly unlike genres. Ambitious in message as a project, they say that “Gus is everywhere, has been there always.” Beginning the track with a heavy flow of hard-hitting verse, the song then breaks down into a rich and captivating series of guitar riffs paired with crisp, clean vocals. The track continues to progress with a mix of the three and a blend of classical strings, making for a unique symphony of sound.

“NOSEDIVE,” by ameliarose: Nineteen year old poet, songwriter, and singer from New York offers a new single filled with complex emotions and rich images in the lyrics. Her messages are intense and heartfelt and vocals soar through the skies and feel like the closest thing to flight as the track hits its peak.

“My Light Has Gone,” by Meadowlark: An intimate acoustic experience, this track creates a scenery straight from a dream with its lyricism and sweet harmonizing vocals. The duo creates the perfect symphony, emoting all the buried thoughts from within.

“If I Don’t Break Your Heart I’ll Break Mine,” by Sophie and the Giants: A collective fusion of artists, this project incites feeling with its uniquely towering vocals paired with dreamy pop elements that tell their life-affirming, and intense melodies.

“20,” by Lola Scott: This addictive and unique indie-pop track pulls you along the tug and push of going rogue and being young. The vocals are equally as intimate as they are convicting, carrying you through the story of youth and breaking through the nostalgia of old relationships.

“TIDE,” by Lino Camilo: This artists crafts lyricism peppered with double entendres, unguarded honesty and a keen sense of self awareness. The track’s rolling vocals allure the listener to hear the track on repeat as the harmonies please the ears with their breathtaking sound.

“Forever Young,” by Tadhg Daly: An intimate acoustic track, this artist’s vocals shine proud and convict with its message of facing the death of youth. Fighting numbness, battling within the mind, the fears are faced as they’re expressed throughout the track.

“Wind Blows,” by Albertine: Accompanying the captivating plucking of the viola and piano keys, this song shines through in the folk universe with its storytelling lyrics and gripping vocals.

“Fatality,” by Shadow: North Carolina singer-songwriter bridges across from the dark and murky to the melancholy and soft. Her passionate vocals breathe comfort into the veins.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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