This week we want to highlight musicians who’ve been especially prominent in their storytelling elements through their craft. Check out our picks and let us know what you think!

“Too Late in the Day,” by Bongard: Introducing our week with a choir of emotion and soul, this track is soulful and theatrical in the fullest. With its older than life sound, its cool jazz piano harmonizes with the soft drums as the vocals set the front stage with its stunning storytelling sound and lyrics.

“Something Inside,” by TTRRUUCES: While focusing on self discovery and introspection, this track introduces us to the band’s psychedelic sound while it blends dreamy vintage late summer emotions into its sound. The album in its fullest is a fledged concept and offers a unique storytelling element in wonderfully produced music videos to match.

“Freaks with Wings,” by Trauma Cat: This psychedelic rock track blends in some punk vibes while sounding overly cool in its crisp vocals and clean lyrics. The New York-based trio shamelessly blends genre with their unique sound.

“Dangerously Cool,” by Jet Black Alley Cat: Calling it quits in style, this band recently released their final EP along with the single. While it rocks us to the core, the song they offered as a finale is surely helping them go out with a bang.

“Sahara,” by Ravive: This haunting dark pop track offers a grooving hook, simply beautiful lyrics, and a synthetic beat with crisp vocals. Offering a perspective in a world of being trapped and stranded in a place that’s sucking the life out of the ones affected.

“Noya,” by Ayzha Nyree: On this track, the artist slips from hypnotic harmonies into confessional rhymes. Her delivery dips in with a captivating melody and chantable lyrics.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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